Friday, September 30, 2005

Open source involvement in Sri Lanka

I had heard the term Open source a few years ago, but I did not have clear understudying about that and I did not know how to contribute to open source community.

By accident I had a chance to work in Axis2 from the very beginning of the project, and at that time I did not think that Axis2 would be such a useful and competitive open source product. Now I think that I have good understudying on open source and I really love to open source since it make me happy, I can do what ever I want and I can share that with others and can get many many suggestion from the community to improve what I have done.

Some times ago open sources was just a dream to us (to Sri Lanka) but we are so luck that a great leader in open source came to Sri Lanka and stared to oxygenate open source form Sri Lanka too who was non other than Dr Sanjive Weerawarana. He was and is the crystal behind Sri Lanka open source community.

We are so proud to say that Axis2 to is almost Sri Lankan contribution, not only that there are lot more WS implementation done by Sri Lankan software developers, and they are used by all over the world. So we are so proud to say that being a very small country we have done more that we can do ,

In Apache Software foundation Sri Lankan open source community only second to US in number vise we have more that 20 apache committers and number are increasing rapidly !!!

We must thank Dr Sanjiva for his great work that he has done for his mother country.

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