Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Synapse and Axis2

Synapse is going to be one of the most succeeding projects in apache without doubt. The most interesting thing is that synapse is completely based on Axis2. In the mailing list there are big arguments on its architecture. For me Synapse is Axis2 module no big difference than that, but when it comes to marketing being just an axis2 module won’t give the right place , I also agree with that there should be something other than just being a module.

I also developed a small synapse toy, to work not just as module, and it has some nice feature like changing rule dynamically (mediator hot deployment) , flexibility of adding third party rule engines and so on,

So my mind I see synapse as two major component
1. Which will drive axis2 (Synapse Engine)
2. Will configure Axis2 (synapse module)

“Synapse drives axis2, the running configuration are populated by synapse module”

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