Thursday, October 06, 2005

WSO2 party @ Dr Sanjivas' home

All WSO2 members are here in Sri Lanka these days , having board meetings and technical meetings.

Yesterday night we had a very special events @ Dr Sanjiva's home , he gave us a dinner , It was really cool , thank you very much for that .

As usual we had a very enjoyable time there , and I did not forget to get pictures ,

Dr Sanjiva , Dims and James Clark

Ruchith is trying to play the Piano , in the wrong side and luckily the chair can withstand him.

Everybody is having nice discussion one guy is doing NON-stop eating.

This toy always like to play with toy , see how he is doing that its really nice , I feel time has come to (to what)


Aj said...

Ok, this is not really entertaining to see myself playing with a bunny all over the web (urghh.. how childish). BTW have a look at yourself in the profile :)

Eran Chinthaka said...

Hey Ajith is just holding the toy. But you are hugging a toy. Ajith seems better than you :).
BTW, I know you are using windows. But why are you hugging the Linux toy.

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

I agreed that I am using WinXP and I was hugging the Linux toy , So I removed that from my profile. :)