Friday, February 03, 2006

Great Achievement in my life

We developed a fault tolerant system for SOAP based web services for my final year project, and which we named as FAWS. It’s not too easy to implement such a system as well as understanding FT concept is a challenge, but we did our best to complete the project.
I did not stop from that I really wanted to share what we gain from that project with others, so first I wrote an article on FAWS to Jax-magazine. And which was my first article in the life ……..
But I did not stop; I wrote couple of articles on Axis2 and published them in jax-magazine. In the meanwhile I was able to published articles on Jupiter media (developer. com).
Hmmm , that was not the end , I sent a article proposal to IBM developer works and they were very happy about that and asked me to send the article , so finally I my article on FAWS went online in IBM developer work today , isn’t it a good achievement ? for me it is :)

Thanks for everyone who help me to get this is done, specially
Patrick Flanders (Editor, SOA & Web Services Zone , IBM developerWorks)Dr Sanath Jayasena (Head Computer Science and Engineering , University of Moratuwa)
And my project members
Ruwan Wewagedara
Thejaka Jayasekara
Viranga Jayarathna

If interested in reading the article link