Saturday, May 06, 2006

Next generation web services engine is ready

May 5th was one of very valuable date in my life , I think it is same for all Axis2 development team. About two years of major contributions from both the development team and user community we were able to cross the magical and special 1.0 boundary , we spent day night to achieve this golden goal. Finally I proud to say that we have very stable , very user friendly and very flexible and expansible web services engine.

I am very proud of apache Axis2 team , everyone in the team contribute their maximum to improve the quality of Axis2.

Dr Sanjiva has written a excellent blog About Axis2 , their he has mentioned complete history of Axis2 , so why do I write the history of Axis2 again (see )

When developing an open source product with a big and high thech community , its not a simple task. So in past history of Axis2 there were big wars in the mailing list , that is because everyone in the list want a good product. Adding a new feature , changing an existing functionality was end with 10 to 15 mails. The most advantage point of that , it led us to have a better product.
Axis2 took few architectural decisions at first F2F;

-It wont support any JAX-RPC spec
- Core is independent of Transports and data binding / code generations
- Doc/lit centric

Keeping those in mind we developed Axis2 and add numerous features , honestly we have 1000 of features but we have list out in few in Axis2 site. The only reason is we did not have enough time for document all those. So without having proper documents it is worthless to include the features in the page. We will update both features and document very soon in the site.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Axis2 1.0 Released

After nearly two years of development, we are very proud to announce the release of Apache Axis2 1.0!
Check out our official site:

Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack to build on the lessons learnt from Apache Axis.

Apache Axis2 is more efficient, more modular and more XML-oriented than the older version. It is carefully designed to support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extend its functionality for features such as security and reliability.

A module supporting WS-Security (Apache Rampart) is available immediately and a module supporting WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha) will be available within days.

Apache Axis2 not only supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2, but it also has integrated support for the widely popular REST style of Web services: the same business logic implementation can offer both a WS-* style interface as well as a REST style interface simultaneously.

Apache Axis2 is built on Apache Axiom, a new high performant, pull-based XML object model that was released two days ago.

- Features -
Programming Model

- Improved, XML

-centric client API including full WSDL and policy support

- Support for any message exchange pattern

- Synchronous and asynchronous calls

- Archived service deployment model supporting full service encapsulation with versioning support

- Archived module deployment model supporting controlled extensibility with versioning support

- Hot deployment

- WS-Policy driven code generation extensions

- Flexible service lifecyle model

- Support for querying service's WSDL (using ?wsdl), schema (using ?xsd) and policies (using ?policy)

Supported Specifications

- SOAP 1.1 and 1.2

- Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM), XML Optimized Packaging (XOP) and SOAP with Attachments

- WSDL 1.1, including both SOAP and HTTP bindings

- WS-Addressing (submission and final)

- WS-Policy

- SAAJ 1.1






Supported Data Bindings

- Axis Data Binding (ADB)

- XMLBeans

- JibX

- JaxMe


- WSDL2Java: Generate Java stubs and skeletons from a WSDL document.

- Java2WSDL: Generate a WSDL document from a Java class.

- Eclipse Plugins

- Intellij Idea Plugins

- Web application for administering Apache Axis2

Extension Modules

- Apache Rampart: Supporting WS-Security (and soon WS-Policy)

- Apache Sandesha2: Supporting WS-Reliable Messaging

(Apache Axis2 comes built in with a module that supports WS-Addressing.)

Known Issues and Limitations

- Recursive schemas (A includes B which includes A) may cause problems

- JaxMe data binding support is experimental

- Axis2-595: Hot redeployment in Apache Tomcat has problems

- Axis2-666: AddressingSubmissionInHandler does not deserialize EPR extensibility attributes and elements

- AXIS2-667: Operation dispatch based on message body has a known issue

- Axis Data Binding (ADB) does not cover all of XML Schema; its an 80-20 design point. Unsupported XML Schema features include:

- Simple content extension and restriction

- Complex content restriction

- ADB does not support xsi:type based deserialization at runtime

- No support yet for unwrapping of doc/lit WSDL files (in stub generation)

- No support yet for rpc/encoded style WSDL documents (in stub generation)

Thank you for your interest in Axis2.
-The Axis2 Development Team