Saturday, May 06, 2006

Next generation web services engine is ready

May 5th was one of very valuable date in my life , I think it is same for all Axis2 development team. About two years of major contributions from both the development team and user community we were able to cross the magical and special 1.0 boundary , we spent day night to achieve this golden goal. Finally I proud to say that we have very stable , very user friendly and very flexible and expansible web services engine.

I am very proud of apache Axis2 team , everyone in the team contribute their maximum to improve the quality of Axis2.

Dr Sanjiva has written a excellent blog About Axis2 , their he has mentioned complete history of Axis2 , so why do I write the history of Axis2 again (see )

When developing an open source product with a big and high thech community , its not a simple task. So in past history of Axis2 there were big wars in the mailing list , that is because everyone in the list want a good product. Adding a new feature , changing an existing functionality was end with 10 to 15 mails. The most advantage point of that , it led us to have a better product.
Axis2 took few architectural decisions at first F2F;

-It wont support any JAX-RPC spec
- Core is independent of Transports and data binding / code generations
- Doc/lit centric

Keeping those in mind we developed Axis2 and add numerous features , honestly we have 1000 of features but we have list out in few in Axis2 site. The only reason is we did not have enough time for document all those. So without having proper documents it is worthless to include the features in the page. We will update both features and document very soon in the site.

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