Saturday, December 22, 2007

First release of WSO2 Registry is now available

WSO2 Registry enables you to store, catalog, index and manage
your enterprise meta data in a simple, scalable and easy-to-use model.
It is designed around community concepts such as tags, comments, ratings,
users and roles. Think of the registry as a structured wiki
designed to help you manage your meta-data in a simple business-friendly system.

In addition, the registry allows you to store more unstructured data
such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and text formats.
Using these approaches, you can build a catalog of enterprise information
ranging from services, service descriptions to employee data and on going projects.

WSO2 Registry can be deployed in Application Servers and access using the Web UI or the APP interface. It can also be used as a Java library inside other Java programs as a resource store with all community features and versioning.

WSO2 Registry is released under the Apache License v2.0

Features List
- Storing and managing resources and collections
- Tagging, commenting and rating resources
- Managing users and roles
- Authentication and authorization
- Resource / collection versioning
- Tag based search
- Advanced search
- Activity log and filtering support for the activity logs
- APP based Remote Registry
- Media type handling support (experimental)
- Web based user interface with Web 2.0 look and feel

Release can be download from

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A limitation of Java

I accidentally encounter a limitation in Java that say we have a class called Foo without a package name , that is as follows

public class Foo {

public void doFoo(){

In the mean time let's say we have a class called Bar which has a package name called “bar” , then if you want try to create an instance of class Foo , you can not do that , so following is not possible

package bar;

public class Bar {

public void doSomething(){
Foo foo = new Foo();

The reason is , there is no way to import that class. You might have already encounter this before , but I found that today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Generating a maven 2 project from a WSDL

In WS* world generating client side and server side code is something that developers really want. To generate code there are a number of tools , but once you generate then the question is how to setup the project and how to find the dependencies. Believe me sometime it does matter , so how about having a tool which generate code and configuration for dependency as well. In simple word code with maven descriptors.

Well there is a tool which does that , and I found that is very useful and time saving tools. You wanna use that ? If so do the following steps

  • Next : Fill what ever necessary and click to generate
  • Then it will generate a zip archive file for you
  • Next : copy that to your machine , and extract it
  • Now : if you are an IntelJ Idea fan go and type >mvn idea:idea , if you are an eclipse fan type >mvn eclipse: eclipse

Then it will generate project with all the dependencies , so you do not need to worry about finding dependencies and adding them to the class path.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why don't we have a standard for computer keyboard

Don't you facing big problem when switching from one laptop to another , the issue is different vendors have different standard for the computer keyboard. I am using IBM laptop when I try to use Dell machine then the keyboard is different , and even if I try to use HP machine even the keyboard different. Not only that laptop keyboard different from normal desktop keyboard , why doesn't someone come up with a standard for the keyboard , so that we do not need to pay attention too much when we typing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We were at Mountain View doing WSO2 registry hackathon and there we were felt an un-expected experience , which is nothing but a big Earthquake . The magnitude was like 5.6 , which we can not consider as small and walls were shaking , we were thinking what to do . It was last for about 2 minutes and then stop (luckily) , and nothing bad happen.

More info

Thanks Samisa for Earthquake safety link

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Computer History Museum – Not yet another museum

Now I am stying at the the very famous computer city called Silicon Valley. So I went to one the famous museum called “Computer History Museum” [Thanks Ajith for giving me information about this]. It was a wonderful place and I lean a lot. I remember when I was at the university I studied a subject called “History of Computers” and today I saw most of them from my naked eye. So it was like traveling 1000 years withing 2 hours.

From the museum not only I learn about the computer history but also I notice first innovation of some of the computer technology.

World first database and this was the starting point of IBM

This is where the Internet started

First computer Bug found in this machine

Google first production server

This is where the TCP protocol started

World first kitchen computer

A picture painted using “Lips” program

One of super computer

First Apple computer

5MB disk driver

Saturday, October 27, 2007

OS Summit Asia 2007

You are cordially invited to OS Summit Asia -- November 26-30, 2007 --
Hong Kong Community in Action!

The Eclipse Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation, long-time leaders in the Open Source Community, join together to present the first conference of its kind! OSSummit Asia will feature over 80 presentations and pre-conference trainings on cutting-edge technology and Open Source business practices, along with an active exhibit area. Visit for more information.

As a valued friend of Open Source, you can receive a *Special Discounted Rate* simply by using the registration code of "SponsorRate" when registering at:

I recommend Early Registration to insure attendance, as space is limited! And there are still some rooms at Le Meridien and at the Sheraton Hong Kong registration links are on site.

If you are interested in Open Source, this is a conference not to be missed. We hope to see you in Hong Kong!

WSO2 Registry – Hackathon

WSO2 is building an open source registry to suit the requirements of SOA platform . At the moment it is very difficult to find an open source repository to store various Web services related stuff as well as to manage them. Specially with version management support, WOS2 registry going to have inbuilt support for dependency management for various web service components such as WSDL , Schemas and etc.. . WSO2 registry has implemented most of the core functionalities , but it has not released it first release.

Before doing a release WSO2 has organize a hackathon in Mountain View, CA to discuss the current implementation and to find out what need to for the up coming release. The exact location will be update inform soon.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Axis2 Training Course

WSO2 is conducting an Axis2 training course in San Jose on 1st Nov 2007 , if you are interested in go and register today !!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Web service training programs from WSO2

WSO2 is conducting training programs for Web services , various Apache Web service projects as well as WSO2 products. The first public training program will be held in "2540 North First St., San Jose, CA. ” on 1st November 2007 .

If you want to see the updated information about WSO2 training program keep an eye on following link.

WSO2 training

Monday, October 15, 2007

WSO2 Registry – Resource version handling

Now WSO2 Registry has the ability to mange the resource versions , and it has most of the features that can be seen and any kind of version management tool , such as SVN. Now the question you might having is why do we we need to have a new version handling implementation rather than using the available version manage tool. Well we tried to use the available tools but we found that we can not achieve what we are looking for from them . Therefore we had to implement our own version handling system. In the current implementation we can have the following version related features

  • Individual versions for resources
  • Ability to set any version number as latest version
  • Ability to rollback to any given version
  • update any given version and ect

We hope to add few more functionalities into version handling depending on the requirements we encounter in the future .

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Using Web services technology to get a printout

Few days ago when I wanted to install a new printer in my Windows box I had to waste my time on finding the correct driver for the printer , it was a pain for me. And the interesting thing is if I want to switch to some other printer then I need to install a new printer driver as well which double the pain. Well when look at the problem closely it has some drawback though installing a driver is not a big deal (for some others :) ).

Now Web services are paling a major role in the industry and a lot of applications are moving and converting to Web service applications. In such a situation why cant we use Web service technology when getting a printout. We can install a Web service engine inside the printer and when we want to get a printout what we can do is to send a Web service request.

Since the Web service communication taken place in SOAP level we do not need to worry about having different printer drivers for different printers [getting a printer out will be same as invoking a some other Web service]. With this approach when we browse to a printer it will show up its WSDL , so the printer setting and everything will be there in the WSDL. Therefore when we need to get a printout what we need to do is just to send a Web service request to the printer , the printer name will be specified by the target EPR . If we want to optimize the message we are sending we can send the document as a MTOM attachment. [Like wise if we want to secure the printout we can use WS-Security and ect..]

Other interesting thing is Web service engine such as Axis2 has inbuilt support for SMTP transport , so we can configure a printer to listen to a particular mail address and we can use that instated of FAX. So if some one want to send a FAX to me , he can send the document to the mail address which I have given him as my FAX number (need to find a name for this technology) so that the printer will print the mail document [which is same as sending a FAX] . I hope you may have bad experience with sending FAX , issues like FAX machine is busy , not responding etc etc [not only that the cost factor involve with sending international FAXs], so all those can be avoid when we use printer with SMTP.

If we can do this in the future we can see the printer with the following configurations

  • WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 support

  • WS-Addressing support

  • MTOM and SWA support

  • WS-Security support

  • MTOM support with free configured mail address

  • WS-Policy support (for specifying printer properties )

I do not know whether someone has already came up with this idea and has implemented this, but this just came into my mind when I faced the mentioned issue.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

WSO2 WSAS 2.1 released

The WSO2 WSAS team is pleased to announce the release of WSO2 WSAS v2.1


* This release can be downloaded from

* Maven2 binary distribution download
- Group Id : org.wso2.wsas
- Artifact Id : wso2wsas
- Version : 2.1
- Type : zip
- WSO2 Maven2 Repository URL :

* Maven2 source distribution download
- Group Id : org.wso2.wsas
- Artifact Id : wso2wsas
- Version : 2.1
- Type : zip
- Classifier : src
- WSO2 Maven2 Repository URL :

WSO2 WSAS v2.1 - Release Note - 10th October 2007

WSO2 WSAS v2.1 is the Enterprise ready Web services engine powered by
Apache Axis2. It is a lightweight application server for Web services
that incorporates leading open source components into a simple,
easy-to-use and highly performant package.

What is new in WSAS v2.1

* Data services support for RDBMS, MS-Excel(97-2003),CSV and JNDI data

* WSAS IDE - Eclipse IDE integration
- JAVA2WSDL form completion of all round web services cycle
through IDE.
- Inclusion of offline Web Services Archive build feature with
all resources.
- Introduction of WSAS Tools from IDE (Validators AAR/MAR, WSDL
Converter 1.1->2.0).
- All the WSAS Preferences now persist through Eclipse Preferences.
- Debug features now can be configured from preferences.
- Various Bug fixes and improvements

* Easy to use tools in the WSAS console
- WSDL2Java
- Java2WSDL
- WSDL 1.1 to WSDL 2.0 converter
- Try it for public WSDLs (1.1/2.0)
- AAR/MAR Validators

* Full support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and
WS-SecureConversation and XKMS. Extended security with support for
WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and WS-SecureConversation with
additional means for secure Web-based communications using public key
infrastructure (PKI) with XKMS. This release of WSO2 WSAS also includes
an inbuilt SecurityTokenService as defined in WS-Trust specification.

* Various bug fixes since the WSAS 2.0 release.

Known Issues

(1). POJO to Web service feature is still at an experimental stage.
One can upload jar/zip file and can create an AAR out of it.
If you uploaded a jar/zip file which has a services.xml file in its
META-INF directory, when its transformed into AAR its services.xml
will be replaced by the generated services.xml. In addition to this,
the user cannot associate any library dependencies or web content with
the generated AAR file.

Due to limitations in Axis2, method overloading is not supported, and
hence the WSDL for services where methods are overloaded cannot be
generated. Hence all WSDL based functionality related to services will
not work for such services.

(2). WS-Policy support is still in experimental stage and limited to
single port scenarios.

(3). You cannot have two different versions of the Apache Sandesha2
module in the system.

(4). A true entry has
been added to the HTTP & HTTPS transportSenders in order to overcome
some issues with some browsers. In case of interoperability failures,
please change the value of this parameter to false and retry.

5. The 'Try It' feature does not work for MTOM enabled services.

6. Persistent Reliable Messaging support is experimental. Thus it might
not provide QoS expected, during every possible interruption scenario.

7. When is used in Gentoo kernel that runs on Intel processors
with 32/64 bit, users probably have to rename the native binaries with
the proper name as given in error message.

Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

Contact us

WSO2 WSAS developers can be contacted via mailing lists:
For Users :
For Developers :
For details on subscriptions see

Alternatively, questions can also be raised in the forums:
For Users :
For Developers :

Monday, October 08, 2007

WSO2 Registry – Not yet another registry

WSO2 Registry is a Web 2.0 style registry and repository for storing resources and metadata. It is designed around community concepts with tags, comments, ratings and users.

  • Store and manage any type of resources (Axis2 Service aar , Modules , WSDL , Scheams ect ect)

  • Categorize resources under collections

  • Tag, comment and rate resources

  • Authentication and authorization based on users and roles

  • Dynamic queries based on the extensible search API

  • REST API to access resources

  • Simple UI to browse the Registry

  • Advanced UI for browsing and editing as well as for managing users

  • Versioning support (Yet to come)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Axis2 tutorial presentation at ApacheCon US 2007

I am planing to do an Axis2 tutorial in ApacheCon US 2007. The plan is to provide a good level of understanding on how to use Axis2 in an effective manner. The tutorial will cover topics from “How to deploy Axis2” to “writing a complex application with Axis2” and “how to use Axis2 to invoke a remote service”. I am not going to explain in detail about the Axis2 architecture and how the components inter-communicate, but as a user or as a developer you will get a good idea on how to work with Axis2.

If you are planning to attend the tutorial, please register before early-bird registration is closed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You did a great job Dims

I strongly believe that Dims did a great job as the WS PMC chair and I really like to thanks what he has done in past few years as a PMC chair to the Apache software foundation . He was very active in all WS mailing lists and he has very good understanding on what they are doing and how there are doing, so when we want to know about something in general I tented to talk to him , b'coz I knew that I would get an answer for sure.

When looking back to the past Apache WS product releases (XMLScheam , Axiom and Axis2) Dims was always there to help me . When there is an issue with the artifacts , SVN , UNIX permission or legal clarification any thing else, I used to say “hi” to on the yahoo and start the conversation. Believe me or not , whenever I say hi , I got a very quick response from him, if he was off line once he come online he never forgot to reply me back.

Dims, As the WS PMC chair you did an unbelievable job ,and I hope whoever come next will follow you .

I hope you will continue to active in the list , that is really encourage us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Axis2 1.3 Released

Just over 4 months since the original 1.2 release, Axis2 team is very proud to announce the release of Apache Axis2 version 1.3.

Downloads are available at:

Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, more scalable, more modular
and more XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully designed to support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extend its
functionality for features such as security and reliability.

Modules supporting WS-Security/Secure-Conversation (Apache Rampart), WS-Trust (Apache Rahas), WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha) and
WS-Eventing (Apache Savan) will be available soon after the Apache Axis2 1.3 release. Please see these projects' own sites for further information.

Major Changes Since 1.2:
- Moved to maven2 from maven1
- Significantly improved documentation
- Significantly improved support for POJO services and clients
- Significantly improved Deployment module and custom deployers
- Significantly improved support for Spring services
- Significantly improved Axis Data Binding (ADB) to increase schema
coverage and overall stability
- Improved handler and module interfaces
- Improved Eclipse and Idea plugins
- Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs
- Major code cleanup and improved exception handling
- All the asynchronous MessageReceivers have been deprecated
- Deprecating the introspection to find init()/destroy() methods on service classes.
- Deprecated the Callback interface []
- Added a new phase called "Addressing" and moved all the addressing handlers into that phase
- Name of the wsdl2java generated Exception classes changed.
Earlier it had the Exception suffix and from Axis2 1.3 it has been removed
- Interface changed in ADB Datasource class
- Classpath module loading support

Known Issues and Limitations in 1.3 Release:
- Java2WSDL and runtime WSDL generation only support doc-lit/bare and doc-lit/wrapped
- Custom deployers only work in file system based repository.
- POJO does not support HasMap , Hastable and Vectors.

Apache Axis2 1.3 is a major new release compared to Axis2 1.2. We are
striving for a simple and happy first time user experience as well as a
satisfying experienced user experience with this release. We welcome any
and all feedback at: (please include "[axis2]" in the subject) (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)

Thank you for your interest in Apache Axis2!

The Axis2 Development Team


Features of Apache Axis2:

Programming Model
- Simple XML-centric client API with full WSDL and policy support
- Support for easy deployemnt of POJO with or without annotation
- Support for Spring services and clients
- Support for any message exchange pattern (MEP)
- Synchronous and asynchronous programming model (both in client side and server side)
- Archived based service deployment model supporting full service
- Directory based service deployment support
- Archived module deployment model supporting controlled
extensibility with versioning support
- Hot deployment and Hot update suport for services
- WS-Policy driven code generation extensions
- Flexible service life cycle model and session managment
- Automatic support for POX (REST) style invocation of services
- Support for querying service's WSDL (with ?wsdl), schema (with
?xsd) and policies (with ?policy)
- Java2WSDL support for both doclit/bare and doclit/wrapped
- Support for custom deployers
- Classpath module loading support

Supported Specifications
- SOAP 1.1 and 1.2
- Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
- XML Optimized Packaging (XOP)
- SOAP with Attachments
- WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0, including both SOAP and HTTP bindings
- WS-Addressing submission and 1.0
- WS-Policy
- SAAJ 1.1


Supported Data Bindings
- Axis Data Binding (ADB)
- XMLBeans
- JibX
- JaxMe (Experimental)
- JaxBRI (Experimental)

- WSDL2Java: Generate Java stubs and skeletons from a WSDL document.
- Java2WSDL: Generate a WSDL document from a Java class.
- Eclipse Plugins
- IntelliJ Idea Plugins
- Maven2 Plugins
- Web application for administering Apache Axis2

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-Hours a Year

Did you know this :

So here is the solution :

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Axis2 -Deployment options

I wrote a tutorial explaining Axis2 deployment options , I think that will be very helpful to get an idea about available types of Axis2 deployment options.

Tutorial Link

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More than three years at Apache Software Foundation

I started my open source contribution three years ago in a day like today , that is on 01st August 2004 . While at the University (at that time I was doing my final year project) Srinath Perera educated the power of open source and the ASF. And he also mentioned me about the Web services and Axis Mora project , in the meantime he told me the idea of developing Apache Axis2. So it was a good news for me and , Srinath motivated me to join LSF and to Axis2 project. And then Farhaan Mohideen and Sanjiva Weerawarana allowed me to join LSF and Axis2 project. So that opened a new door for my carrier, thank you Srinath , Sanjiva and Farhaan for your help and support.

In the same time frame Eran Chinthaka , Ajith Ranbahu , Chathura Herath and Jaliya Ekanayake joined LSF and start the working toward Axis2 project , like learning Web service related specifications Axis1 and etc..

20 days after I joined LSF Axis2 first F2F was held in Colombo , Sri Lanka and after that I stared to contribute to Axis2. At the initial stage Dims , Glen and Alek helped us a lot on applying our patches and answering our mails , and it took about two months to become as an Apache commiter. So I have contributed to Apache and specially to Axis2 project almost three years. In addition to Axis2 I was able to contribute to Syanapse , Axiom , XMLSchema , Rampart , and Sandesha as well.

We worked at LSF for about year and after that we all joined WSO2 when it started up , and joining WSO2 did not change the way I contribute to Apache, what only happened was move to new location from LSF to WSO2 . And I should thanks Dr Sanjiva for giving a great opportunity to work at WSO2.

When I looking back I have achieved more achievement than I expected

  • Become as an Apache Commiter

  • Become as a WS PMC member

  • Become an Apache Member and

  • Was able to participate four Apache conferences as a speaker.

  • Was able to organize ApacheCon Asia 2006 with the help of Sri Lankan FOSS community.

So when considering the last three years it was very good and I really enjoyed working in an open source community like Apache, and I hope that I will be able to continue to do so. In this occasion I should not forget to thanks all the WSO2 members , they also have helped me a lot in past two years.

Monday, July 23, 2007

WSO2 WSAS (Web Service Application Server) 2.0 released

I am(was) involving with architecturing designing , implementing Axis2 a lot , therefore I believe that I have very good experience and understanding about Axis2. However when it come to WS-policy , WS-Reliable Messaging and WS-Security my knowledge on those area is not that rich . Therefore to get those working together and configure them using policy is a bit of challenge. That does not mean getting RM and security working in Axis2 is a difficult task but when it come to more complex scenarios it is a challenge.

In the meantime Web services are not only for programmers other people also should be able to use them. In that case it should be easy to deploy and invoke service with minimal time and minimal effect.

WSO2 WSAS is built on Axis2 and provide a numerous enhancement to Axis2. While doing so it has solved most of the configuration issues that we commonly faced when we use Axis2 in industrial level applications. WSAS has very nice user interface to configure Security , RM, Policy and many more very easily. In addition to that it has very cool features ,

  • Data service support : Provide a way to talk to Relational data base or publish a RDB as a Web service
  • Expose EJB as web Service
  • Deploy Axis1 service in Axis2
  • Eclipse IDE integration
  • Easy way to deploy POJO (annotated and non-annotated)
  • Change Axis2 configuration at the runtime and made the changes with ought shutting down the server.
  • Clustering support
  • On the fly code generation

  • Many enhancements to Security and RM (Sandesha2)

  • RSS and Atom feed generation

  • And many more .....

Other advantage we get when using WSAS is it has compatible versions of security , RM , XMLSchema Axiom and ect , so we do not need to worry about any compatible issues when we use WSAS , and we do not need to download them separately. Once we download WSAS we have everything , then just a matter of engaging the modules and use as we wish.

WSAS comes with standalone version as well as servelt version and it has tested with all the commonly used platforms , Application servers and JDKs.

As a Axis2 developer I would recommend you to have a look at WSAS and see how easy to deploy and invoke services.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

[ANN][Axis2] Axis2 1.3-RC1 release

I have upload Axis2 1.3 RC1 artifact into my apache home location [1] ,
please test and make sure all the JIRAs we marked as fixed are there in
the release , in addition to that if you find any issues with the
release please create a JIRA [2] , then we can fix that for next RC.
This release is based on the SVN version number of following projects.

Axiom : - 553458
Neethi : 553469
XML Schema : 553334

We have a number of major changes from 1.2 to 1.3 and most of them are
listed in apache axis2 wiki [3]. We have fixed more about 350 JIRA
issues from 1.2 to 1.3 in addition to the following new feature additions ;
- Clustering support
- Doc-lt/bare wsdl generation and run time support (RPC MRs can handle
doc-lit/ bare )
- Custom deployment support
- NIO transport integration

Our plan is to make Axis2 1.3 release as mush as stable and robust, so
please help us by reviewing this release candidate.

[1] :
[2] :
[3] :

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

All about Axis2 services.xml

I wrote a tutorial explaining all the available options in services.xml , and I hope that will help you to solve your doubts

See what it is

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Need for WS specification for session management

SOA and Web services becoming the today's key topic in the computer industries. SOA becoming a revolution force in the industry. A number of companies and their applications are converting into Web service applications , then they do not need to worry about the platform dependent issues and converting into Web service application they gain numerous benefits.

When moving into Web services , specially complicated application ,lifecycle and session management can be considered as one of the key requirement. However there is no WS specification on managing session. Therefore different Web service stack has its own session management support. They can not inter operate with each others , that can be considered as one of the key issue in the Web service session management.

When considering Apache stack; in Axis1 x it uses a separate SOAP headers to manage session , in Axis2 it uses a references parameter in WS-addressing header called “ServiceGroupId” as the session management mechanisms. As a result of not having specification, even Apache Axis1 and Apache Axis2 can not inteoperate each other , so I doubt whether they can inteoperate with other Web service stacks.

We have specification for Addressing , Reliable Messaging , Security and etc etc , so why not we introduce specification for WS session management. I personally think this is the right time to think about that and come up with Web service specification for session management (WS-SM), then we can assure that we have inteoperable way of managing sessions.

Friday, June 15, 2007

How easy to invoke and deploy a service in Axis2

Isn't that a cool to start an Axis2 server and deploy a service in only two steps , yes it is cool ,

Try this out.

Say you have a service class called , MyService as follows,

public class MyService {

public String helloWord(){

return "HelloWord!!";




public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{

AxisServer server = new AxisServer();



Next go and browse “http://localhost:6060/axis2/services/MyService/helloWord” and see what you are getting.


See how simple to create and invoke a service in Axis2 !!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Axis2 Hackathon NEXT WEEK in Indiana University, IN, USA

Indiana University and WSO2 are going to host an Axis2 hackathon at
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana from June 11th to June 16th
(inclusive). The main goal of the F2F is to use some co-located hacking
time to help stabilize and create a better Axis2 1.3 release at the
earliest time. The plan is to discuss issues (and bring them to the list
too of course) but also get most of the fixing / mods done then and there.

All Axis2 contributors are welcome to join. This is not an educational
session however- so you must be able to help with some aspects of
development if you are coming over.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My baggage is in Haiti !!!!

Dear Sir,

I am sending this mail to pass down a special message to Mr. Deepal
Jayasinghe,whome I believe is known to you.
I am a Sri Lankan (ARMY) Military Police Major, presently serving in
HAITI on an UN Mission.
Some of Sri Lankan Military personnel left for Haiti on 29 th April from
Sri Lanka and reached Haiti pm on 30 th by a UN charterd JORDAN AVIATION
Among the huge baggages belong to Military personnel, there was an
unidentified big black bag which had been brought in due to unknown
reasons by an unknown person .
After a small check up, it was suspected that the luggage is belongs to
the following gentleman.
Deepal Jayasinghe
wso2 Inc,BOC M.T
Sri Lanka
Jayasinghe/DMR 0064
09 EB 32 1/27 29 APR 07

At the same time I would like to inform you that the bag was not locked
by the time we traced it. But according to my knowledge, I believe that
all the items are safe and nothing gone missing. Lap Top,documents,
clothings etc.are all safe inside.The baggage is now in the custody of
me,at Military Police Section,LEOGANE UN Military Camp , Haiti.
We have not yet informed this any authority regarding this and we are
prepared to hand over the said items to Mr. deepal Jayasinghe eventhough
we do not have any responsible towards it since we are well aware that
how much of difficulty that Mr. Jayasinge was happened to undergo.
Hence you are kindly requested that the message be given to Mr.
Jayasinghe for onward action.

Thanking You.

Susantha Gajadeera
T.P: 00509-6390703 (Mobile)
Republic Of Haiti

Monday, April 30, 2007

One of the worst day in my life

I came to Amsterdam for the ApacheConEU 2007 , everything went well till I arrived Amsterdam but...... , when I arrived to Amsterdam my baggage was lost and I stayed quit for few hours there in the air port to see a good news. But everything work unexpectedly , no I did not get the baggage , therefore I informed the baggage service guys in the Air port and came to the hotel.

I came to the hotel early morning and these days hotel if full due to the queens day , so ... they asked me to stay in the lobby area till they get a room (so I am staying here :( ) .

Unfortunately all the shops are closed here since the queens day celebrations are happening here , so how can I stay like that.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Six ways the Axis2 deployment model is more user friendly

My recent article about Axis2 is now on line in IBM developers works . The article will brief about Axis2 deployment model .

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

ApacheCon EU 2007 -Registration is open

ApacheCon Europe 2007 will be held 1-4 May 2007 at , beautiful new Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam.And the registration for the conference is now open , go and register soon and get the Early Bird registration discount.

Go and register today!!

In the conference Axis2 team will be doing one presentation and a tutorial , that will be a good change to learn about Axis2 and solve your issues with Axis2 .

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The First Podcast in WSO2 Oxygen Tank is now live

WSO2 Oxygen Tank is the place where we should look at if you are interested in Web services and SOA related stuff. It consist of several usefull articles , tutorials and faqs , and those are very useful when you start to use Axis2 and other Web service related component.

Not stopping from there , WSO2 OT team start a new very useful idea as well, that is they recently start to publish podcast in OT. I personally think that is going to be very useful , but the bad thing is I had to do the first podcast :D

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