Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My baggage is in Haiti !!!!

Dear Sir,

I am sending this mail to pass down a special message to Mr. Deepal
Jayasinghe,whome I believe is known to you.
I am a Sri Lankan (ARMY) Military Police Major, presently serving in
HAITI on an UN Mission.
Some of Sri Lankan Military personnel left for Haiti on 29 th April from
Sri Lanka and reached Haiti pm on 30 th by a UN charterd JORDAN AVIATION
Among the huge baggages belong to Military personnel, there was an
unidentified big black bag which had been brought in due to unknown
reasons by an unknown person .
After a small check up, it was suspected that the luggage is belongs to
the following gentleman.
Deepal Jayasinghe
wso2 Inc,BOC M.T
Sri Lanka
Jayasinghe/DMR 0064
09 EB 32 1/27 29 APR 07

At the same time I would like to inform you that the bag was not locked
by the time we traced it. But according to my knowledge, I believe that
all the items are safe and nothing gone missing. Lap Top,documents,
clothings etc.are all safe inside.The baggage is now in the custody of
me,at Military Police Section,LEOGANE UN Military Camp , Haiti.
We have not yet informed this any authority regarding this and we are
prepared to hand over the said items to Mr. deepal Jayasinghe eventhough
we do not have any responsible towards it since we are well aware that
how much of difficulty that Mr. Jayasinge was happened to undergo.
Hence you are kindly requested that the message be given to Mr.
Jayasinghe for onward action.

Thanking You.

Susantha Gajadeera
T.P: 00509-6390703 (Mobile)
Republic Of Haiti