Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More than three years at Apache Software Foundation

I started my open source contribution three years ago in a day like today , that is on 01st August 2004 . While at the University (at that time I was doing my final year project) Srinath Perera educated the power of open source and the ASF. And he also mentioned me about the Web services and Axis Mora project , in the meantime he told me the idea of developing Apache Axis2. So it was a good news for me and , Srinath motivated me to join LSF and to Axis2 project. And then Farhaan Mohideen and Sanjiva Weerawarana allowed me to join LSF and Axis2 project. So that opened a new door for my carrier, thank you Srinath , Sanjiva and Farhaan for your help and support.

In the same time frame Eran Chinthaka , Ajith Ranbahu , Chathura Herath and Jaliya Ekanayake joined LSF and start the working toward Axis2 project , like learning Web service related specifications Axis1 and etc..

20 days after I joined LSF Axis2 first F2F was held in Colombo , Sri Lanka and after that I stared to contribute to Axis2. At the initial stage Dims , Glen and Alek helped us a lot on applying our patches and answering our mails , and it took about two months to become as an Apache commiter. So I have contributed to Apache and specially to Axis2 project almost three years. In addition to Axis2 I was able to contribute to Syanapse , Axiom , XMLSchema , Rampart , and Sandesha as well.

We worked at LSF for about year and after that we all joined WSO2 when it started up , and joining WSO2 did not change the way I contribute to Apache, what only happened was move to new location from LSF to WSO2 . And I should thanks Dr Sanjiva for giving a great opportunity to work at WSO2.

When I looking back I have achieved more achievement than I expected

  • Become as an Apache Commiter

  • Become as a WS PMC member

  • Become an Apache Member and

  • Was able to participate four Apache conferences as a speaker.

  • Was able to organize ApacheCon Asia 2006 with the help of Sri Lankan FOSS community.

So when considering the last three years it was very good and I really enjoyed working in an open source community like Apache, and I hope that I will be able to continue to do so. In this occasion I should not forget to thanks all the WSO2 members , they also have helped me a lot in past two years.


Thilina Gunarathne said...

Keep up the good work bro..

Ognjen said...

Congratulations Deepal, it's good for ASF to have you as a committer, and for us, newbies, to have your support on mailing lists.