Sunday, July 01, 2007

Need for WS specification for session management

SOA and Web services becoming the today's key topic in the computer industries. SOA becoming a revolution force in the industry. A number of companies and their applications are converting into Web service applications , then they do not need to worry about the platform dependent issues and converting into Web service application they gain numerous benefits.

When moving into Web services , specially complicated application ,lifecycle and session management can be considered as one of the key requirement. However there is no WS specification on managing session. Therefore different Web service stack has its own session management support. They can not inter operate with each others , that can be considered as one of the key issue in the Web service session management.

When considering Apache stack; in Axis1 x it uses a separate SOAP headers to manage session , in Axis2 it uses a references parameter in WS-addressing header called “ServiceGroupId” as the session management mechanisms. As a result of not having specification, even Apache Axis1 and Apache Axis2 can not inteoperate each other , so I doubt whether they can inteoperate with other Web service stacks.

We have specification for Addressing , Reliable Messaging , Security and etc etc , so why not we introduce specification for WS session management. I personally think this is the right time to think about that and come up with Web service specification for session management (WS-SM), then we can assure that we have inteoperable way of managing sessions.

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