Monday, July 23, 2007

WSO2 WSAS (Web Service Application Server) 2.0 released

I am(was) involving with architecturing designing , implementing Axis2 a lot , therefore I believe that I have very good experience and understanding about Axis2. However when it come to WS-policy , WS-Reliable Messaging and WS-Security my knowledge on those area is not that rich . Therefore to get those working together and configure them using policy is a bit of challenge. That does not mean getting RM and security working in Axis2 is a difficult task but when it come to more complex scenarios it is a challenge.

In the meantime Web services are not only for programmers other people also should be able to use them. In that case it should be easy to deploy and invoke service with minimal time and minimal effect.

WSO2 WSAS is built on Axis2 and provide a numerous enhancement to Axis2. While doing so it has solved most of the configuration issues that we commonly faced when we use Axis2 in industrial level applications. WSAS has very nice user interface to configure Security , RM, Policy and many more very easily. In addition to that it has very cool features ,

  • Data service support : Provide a way to talk to Relational data base or publish a RDB as a Web service
  • Expose EJB as web Service
  • Deploy Axis1 service in Axis2
  • Eclipse IDE integration
  • Easy way to deploy POJO (annotated and non-annotated)
  • Change Axis2 configuration at the runtime and made the changes with ought shutting down the server.
  • Clustering support
  • On the fly code generation

  • Many enhancements to Security and RM (Sandesha2)

  • RSS and Atom feed generation

  • And many more .....

Other advantage we get when using WSAS is it has compatible versions of security , RM , XMLSchema Axiom and ect , so we do not need to worry about any compatible issues when we use WSAS , and we do not need to download them separately. Once we download WSAS we have everything , then just a matter of engaging the modules and use as we wish.

WSAS comes with standalone version as well as servelt version and it has tested with all the commonly used platforms , Application servers and JDKs.

As a Axis2 developer I would recommend you to have a look at WSAS and see how easy to deploy and invoke services.

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