Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You did a great job Dims

I strongly believe that Dims did a great job as the WS PMC chair and I really like to thanks what he has done in past few years as a PMC chair to the Apache software foundation . He was very active in all WS mailing lists and he has very good understanding on what they are doing and how there are doing, so when we want to know about something in general I tented to talk to him , b'coz I knew that I would get an answer for sure.

When looking back to the past Apache WS product releases (XMLScheam , Axiom and Axis2) Dims was always there to help me . When there is an issue with the artifacts , SVN , UNIX permission or legal clarification any thing else, I used to say “hi” to on the yahoo and start the conversation. Believe me or not , whenever I say hi , I got a very quick response from him, if he was off line once he come online he never forgot to reply me back.

Dims, As the WS PMC chair you did an unbelievable job ,and I hope whoever come next will follow you .

I hope you will continue to active in the list , that is really encourage us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Axis2 1.3 Released

Just over 4 months since the original 1.2 release, Axis2 team is very proud to announce the release of Apache Axis2 version 1.3.

Downloads are available at:

Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, more scalable, more modular
and more XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully designed to support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extend its
functionality for features such as security and reliability.

Modules supporting WS-Security/Secure-Conversation (Apache Rampart), WS-Trust (Apache Rahas), WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha) and
WS-Eventing (Apache Savan) will be available soon after the Apache Axis2 1.3 release. Please see these projects' own sites for further information.

Major Changes Since 1.2:
- Moved to maven2 from maven1
- Significantly improved documentation
- Significantly improved support for POJO services and clients
- Significantly improved Deployment module and custom deployers
- Significantly improved support for Spring services
- Significantly improved Axis Data Binding (ADB) to increase schema
coverage and overall stability
- Improved handler and module interfaces
- Improved Eclipse and Idea plugins
- Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs
- Major code cleanup and improved exception handling
- All the asynchronous MessageReceivers have been deprecated
- Deprecating the introspection to find init()/destroy() methods on service classes.
- Deprecated the Callback interface [http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/Axis2/changesfrom1.2to1.3]
- Added a new phase called "Addressing" and moved all the addressing handlers into that phase
- Name of the wsdl2java generated Exception classes changed.
Earlier it had the Exception suffix and from Axis2 1.3 it has been removed
- Interface changed in ADB Datasource class
- Classpath module loading support

Known Issues and Limitations in 1.3 Release:
- Java2WSDL and runtime WSDL generation only support doc-lit/bare and doc-lit/wrapped
- Custom deployers only work in file system based repository.
- POJO does not support HasMap , Hastable and Vectors.

Apache Axis2 1.3 is a major new release compared to Axis2 1.2. We are
striving for a simple and happy first time user experience as well as a
satisfying experienced user experience with this release. We welcome any
and all feedback at:
axis-user@ws.apache.org (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)
axis-dev@ws.apache.org (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)

Thank you for your interest in Apache Axis2!

The Axis2 Development Team


Features of Apache Axis2:

Programming Model
- Simple XML-centric client API with full WSDL and policy support
- Support for easy deployemnt of POJO with or without annotation
- Support for Spring services and clients
- Support for any message exchange pattern (MEP)
- Synchronous and asynchronous programming model (both in client side and server side)
- Archived based service deployment model supporting full service
- Directory based service deployment support
- Archived module deployment model supporting controlled
extensibility with versioning support
- Hot deployment and Hot update suport for services
- WS-Policy driven code generation extensions
- Flexible service life cycle model and session managment
- Automatic support for POX (REST) style invocation of services
- Support for querying service's WSDL (with ?wsdl), schema (with
?xsd) and policies (with ?policy)
- Java2WSDL support for both doclit/bare and doclit/wrapped
- Support for custom deployers
- Classpath module loading support

Supported Specifications
- SOAP 1.1 and 1.2
- Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
- XML Optimized Packaging (XOP)
- SOAP with Attachments
- WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0, including both SOAP and HTTP bindings
- WS-Addressing submission and 1.0
- WS-Policy
- SAAJ 1.1


Supported Data Bindings
- Axis Data Binding (ADB)
- XMLBeans
- JibX
- JaxMe (Experimental)
- JaxBRI (Experimental)

- WSDL2Java: Generate Java stubs and skeletons from a WSDL document.
- Java2WSDL: Generate a WSDL document from a Java class.
- Eclipse Plugins
- IntelliJ Idea Plugins
- Maven2 Plugins
- Web application for administering Apache Axis2

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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So here is the solution : http://www.jabago.com/

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Axis2 -Deployment options

I wrote a tutorial explaining Axis2 deployment options , I think that will be very helpful to get an idea about available types of Axis2 deployment options.

Tutorial Link