Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You did a great job Dims

I strongly believe that Dims did a great job as the WS PMC chair and I really like to thanks what he has done in past few years as a PMC chair to the Apache software foundation . He was very active in all WS mailing lists and he has very good understanding on what they are doing and how there are doing, so when we want to know about something in general I tented to talk to him , b'coz I knew that I would get an answer for sure.

When looking back to the past Apache WS product releases (XMLScheam , Axiom and Axis2) Dims was always there to help me . When there is an issue with the artifacts , SVN , UNIX permission or legal clarification any thing else, I used to say “hi” to on the yahoo and start the conversation. Believe me or not , whenever I say hi , I got a very quick response from him, if he was off line once he come online he never forgot to reply me back.

Dims, As the WS PMC chair you did an unbelievable job ,and I hope whoever come next will follow you .

I hope you will continue to active in the list , that is really encourage us.

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