Sunday, October 28, 2007

Computer History Museum – Not yet another museum

Now I am stying at the the very famous computer city called Silicon Valley. So I went to one the famous museum called “Computer History Museum” [Thanks Ajith for giving me information about this]. It was a wonderful place and I lean a lot. I remember when I was at the university I studied a subject called “History of Computers” and today I saw most of them from my naked eye. So it was like traveling 1000 years withing 2 hours.

From the museum not only I learn about the computer history but also I notice first innovation of some of the computer technology.

World first database and this was the starting point of IBM

This is where the Internet started

First computer Bug found in this machine

Google first production server

This is where the TCP protocol started

World first kitchen computer

A picture painted using “Lips” program

One of super computer

First Apple computer

5MB disk driver

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