Monday, October 15, 2007

WSO2 Registry – Resource version handling

Now WSO2 Registry has the ability to mange the resource versions , and it has most of the features that can be seen and any kind of version management tool , such as SVN. Now the question you might having is why do we we need to have a new version handling implementation rather than using the available version manage tool. Well we tried to use the available tools but we found that we can not achieve what we are looking for from them . Therefore we had to implement our own version handling system. In the current implementation we can have the following version related features

  • Individual versions for resources
  • Ability to set any version number as latest version
  • Ability to rollback to any given version
  • update any given version and ect

We hope to add few more functionalities into version handling depending on the requirements we encounter in the future .

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