Sunday, November 11, 2007

Generating a maven 2 project from a WSDL

In WS* world generating client side and server side code is something that developers really want. To generate code there are a number of tools , but once you generate then the question is how to setup the project and how to find the dependencies. Believe me sometime it does matter , so how about having a tool which generate code and configuration for dependency as well. In simple word code with maven descriptors.

Well there is a tool which does that , and I found that is very useful and time saving tools. You wanna use that ? If so do the following steps

  • Next : Fill what ever necessary and click to generate
  • Then it will generate a zip archive file for you
  • Next : copy that to your machine , and extract it
  • Now : if you are an IntelJ Idea fan go and type >mvn idea:idea , if you are an eclipse fan type >mvn eclipse: eclipse

Then it will generate project with all the dependencies , so you do not need to worry about finding dependencies and adding them to the class path.

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azeez said...

Actually, you could directly go to and you will be able to do the same thing.