Saturday, December 22, 2007

First release of WSO2 Registry is now available

WSO2 Registry enables you to store, catalog, index and manage
your enterprise meta data in a simple, scalable and easy-to-use model.
It is designed around community concepts such as tags, comments, ratings,
users and roles. Think of the registry as a structured wiki
designed to help you manage your meta-data in a simple business-friendly system.

In addition, the registry allows you to store more unstructured data
such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and text formats.
Using these approaches, you can build a catalog of enterprise information
ranging from services, service descriptions to employee data and on going projects.

WSO2 Registry can be deployed in Application Servers and access using the Web UI or the APP interface. It can also be used as a Java library inside other Java programs as a resource store with all community features and versioning.

WSO2 Registry is released under the Apache License v2.0

Features List
- Storing and managing resources and collections
- Tagging, commenting and rating resources
- Managing users and roles
- Authentication and authorization
- Resource / collection versioning
- Tag based search
- Advanced search
- Activity log and filtering support for the activity logs
- APP based Remote Registry
- Media type handling support (experimental)
- Web based user interface with Web 2.0 look and feel

Release can be download from

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A limitation of Java

I accidentally encounter a limitation in Java that say we have a class called Foo without a package name , that is as follows

public class Foo {

public void doFoo(){

In the mean time let's say we have a class called Bar which has a package name called “bar” , then if you want try to create an instance of class Foo , you can not do that , so following is not possible

package bar;

public class Bar {

public void doSomething(){
Foo foo = new Foo();

The reason is , there is no way to import that class. You might have already encounter this before , but I found that today.