Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apache Synapse ESB 1.1.1 released

Apache Synapse is an lightweight and easy-to-use Open Source
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) available under the Apache Software License
v2.0. Apache Synapse allows administrators to simply and easily configure
message routing, intermediation, transformation and logging. The runtime
has been designed to be completely asynchronous, non-blocking and streaming.
This is the first release since Apache Synapse became a Top Level Project
(TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation.

The Apache Synapse project and the 1.1.1 release can be found here:

Apache Synapse offers connectivity and integration with a range of
legacy systems, XML-based services and SOAP Web Services. It supports
non-blocking HTTP and HTTPS using the Apache HTTPCore (http://hc.apache.org)
components, as well as supporting JMS (v1.0 and higher) and a range of
file systems and FTP sources including SFTP, FTP, File, ZIP/JAR/TAR/GZ
via the Apache VFS project (http://commons.apache.org/vfs/filesystems.html).
Synapse supports transformation and routing between protocols without any
coding via configurable virtual services.

The 1.1.1 release contains a set of enhancements based on feedback from
the user community, including:
* Clustered deployment support
- Clustered support for the Cache and Throttle capabilities
- The ability to pin services or tasks to specific server instances
* Maintenance mode for the HTTP and HTTPS transports:
- this allows the administrator to pause the transport, so that new
work is not accepted but existing requests are correctly processed.
* JMX monitoring support
* New Callout mediator enables simple message flows to implement the
callout integration pattern
* Performance and stability improvements to the JMS and VFS transports
* Better support for pure XML and REST patterns
* Support for creating POJO-based mediators using annotations

The combination of XML streaming and asynchronous support for HTTP and HTTPS
using Java NIO ensures that Synapse has very high scalability under load.
Performance tests show that Synapse can scale to support thousands of
concurrent connections on standard server hardware.

Apache Synapse ships with over 50 samples
designed to demonstrate common integration patterns "out-of-the-box",
along with supporting sample services, and service clients that
demonstrate these scenarios. Apache Synapse is configured using a
straightforward XML configuration syntax

Apache Synapse is openly developed by a community that welcomes all
forms of input, ranging from suggestions and bug reports to patches and
code contributions. Your comments and feedback on the project and release
are welcomed.

The Apache Synapse code and binaries are available from the website
at http://synapse.apache.org

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