Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eclipse WSDL and WSI validator -outside eclipse

I think it is perfect to say that eclipse WSDL and WSI validator is a very cool tool as well as very useful too. However the problem is it does not work out side the eclipse , I followed all the steps mentioned in the wiki , but that did not work for me. Then what I did was download the source code and modified that by myself. Which was very hard because while doing that I updated the wsdl4j version as well , as I can see there are using very old version of wsdl4j , somehow I updated that to the latest version. The most hard part was to find the schema that the tool uses. Finally I managed to get all of them and able to validate a given WSDL for WSDL validation as well as WS-I validation.


David Carver said...

Any thoughts of providing this as a patch back to Eclipse Web Services tools. It would help the rest of us who are exploring using this functionality.

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Yes that was my plan too , but somehow I forgot to do that. I will create a patch and submit them. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Niren said...


I am also trying to validate a WSDL using the Eclipse WSDL validation tool. Could you send me the jar you modified and also steps on how to run the jar to validate a WSDL?