Thursday, June 26, 2008

Solution to fuel crises – Water driven car from Sri Lanka

As we all aware fuel prices are going up and up everyday , and by reading a number of news articles and research reports I understand that the amount of fuel has reached it peak. So now the amount of fuel curve will not go up, rather it will go down every minute. As every activity in the world has direct or indirect relationship with oil (fuel) , living without oil is something we can not even imaging. As a result of that finding alternatives for fuel crises has become a major research area. Most of the counties as well as most of the well know universities have started working on that. And some of them have very useful and economical out come as well.

Among them electric cars as well as water driven cars has a high demand. However in my opinion we can not save the fuel having electric cars , because in oder to generate the electricity it is required to have fuel. But if we can produce a car which we can use water as fuel then we can consider that as a good solution to the world fuel cries. Having said that recently I find out that in Japan they have manufacture a car which uses water as the fuel. So which is a very good achievement , however the problem is it is completely a new engine as well as new car. In addition to that the car is very small and expensive , so that is indeed a concern as well. Furthermore biggest problem is what we are going to do for the existing vehicles.

As a solution to all of them one of the very young person in Sri Lanka has created a very interesting solution for fuel problem. What he has done is he has created unit which can easily plug for any of the existing vehicle. The unit is nothing but electric unit which operate using Water and hydrogen , and generate electricity. Since both of water and hydrogen are freely available in Sri Lanka as well as rest of the world , this can be considered as a very good solution. Other interesting thing is since we can plug this unit to any existing vehicles , we do not need to worry of buying a new vehicle. Importantly he has already taken the patent for his this great idea. So in very near future we can see that people moving to water driven car with very less amount of money.

You can find the youtube video here (I am sorry I could not find the English version of it )


henning said...

Well, Water is an energetically lower molecule than hydrogen and oxygen. So 2H2 + O2 ==> 2 H2O and energy. Easily proven if you mix H2 and O2 and put it to an open flame. This is how a fuel cell works.

The car shown in the video has clearly a combustion engine, and the only way to burn anything from Water is to split it into H2 and O2. This is something that you need energy for (usually electricity, just put two wires into a glass of water and apply current).

To have a car running on water it would be needed to find a way around the H2/O2 split by using less energy than what can retrieved by burning (= recombining with O2) the H2.

Congratulations, this guy just invented free energy and a perpetuum mobile. Call Nobel.

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Yes I agree with you , that its need some kind of energy to start and continue. However that guy is telling that he has some electrical unit that does some magic. Actually I am keeping I on the news. To see what actually happening and how the engine actually works.

Ajith said...

I have seen many resourses in web to suppliment HHO gas via air inlet of the car. But it looks this inventon is more advance because it store the hydragen gas in a tank.

I hope this guy can start this Commercial production soon. I don’t know why every Sri Lanka ask gov help all the time. You have EXCELLENT product and MARKET.

The-Genius said...

Hi. I'm 17, and I just found out abt this dude, and to be honest, im a bit jealous that hes stolen the glory that mighthave been mine, cuz i made a similar theory, ( the foundation and mechanism of which is however, quite different) of getting 98% free energy, a theory under analysis right now. well if it comes to pass, you'll know my name.

The-Genius said...

I beg, however, that you will decline to embrace the entirely erroneous impression that I am of a shallow disposition. To adopt this course of action would be indeed inadvisable since it would effect in the induction of misdirected wrath upon your part at an object unworthy of it's reception.