Monday, June 30, 2008

Open source development and IntelliJ IDEA

When I start to learn Java first thing I use was notepad , I wrote the program in the notepad compile and run. Actually that helped a lot to learn most of the code quality there , however one of the issue was I it took more time to do a simple task. The problem become worse when we want to debug something.

After that I started to use Jbuilder when I move to that I realized the power of using an IDE to develop Java applications. It saves most of our time on importing and debugging. While I was using Jbuilder I started to use IntelliJ IDEA (Thank Ajith for pointing to that), then I realized the power of that tool. In my personal view it is the best IDE I have ever used. And I should say I have addicted to IDEA , if it is Java development the only IDE I like is IntelliJ IDEA.

Luckily I am an open source software developer so I can get an IDEA license free , so for me IDE is free. And I should not forget to say thanks to jetbrains for giving us free license.

There are a number of reasons I like IDEA over other IDEs.

  • First thing it saves most of my times , time is very important for me so a minute is also important for me. I do not want to waste my time unnecessary setting up projects and adding libraries. When it comes to IDEA it is great.
  • Debugging – I have never seen an IDE which has that much of support for debugging. Code debugging is very important for me. It has a number of options we can use to debug the code. That helps me in two ways , first it saves my time , second it provide more than what I want to do my job.
  • Support for multiple modules – Since I am working on a projects (Axis2) which has a number of modules so it helps me a lot. (I know some other IDE has this feature)
  • Starting Applications severs and remote debugging– When I develop web applications this feature help me a lot.
  • Code formatting – It format the file according to the type , for example Java files according to the Java template , Xml as XML document
  • Code analyzing – No matter how good we write code , there may be some problems and issues with the code we write. IDEA code analyzer help me to find out the issues with the code we write, cyclic dependencies , code duplicate and etc.

I know there are much more useful features than I have mentioned here , but above are the most frequent features I use in my day to day life.

One last thing to note here is that the idea of this entry is not to market any IDE , but to tell my personal opinion about that.

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Afkham Azeez said...

I also agree that IDEA is the best IDE available for Java development. But since lately, they have been introducing many features which are not used by most people into the core, and have introduced several annoying issues. See I think they should once again focus on making it lightweight, which is why people liked it in the first place.

peter said...

I'm currently running IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.5 as 8.0.1 give some weird error and support their support acknowledge it as possible bug.
I'm currently trying to learn Web Services, but run in some issues and I'm looking for somebody who is willing to help me out little. If is it convenient with you, would you mind get in touch?