Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SOA and Data services (with Axis2 )

It is known fact that SOA is becoming the buzz word and most of the companies are moving into so called “SOA” field . When doing so Web services are becoming a major topic as well. By looking at the recent download statistics of Axis2, it is obvious that Axis2 is becoming the best open source Web service framework. When someone tries to move into Web services , there are number of ways they try to do that.

  • Some people start with fresh environment expose there applications as Web services
  • Some people need to convert their legacy system into Web services , in that case they might need to write a wrapper or have to use an ESB for that.
  • Some people want to expose there data bases as Web services
  • And more (code first approach , contract first approach )

Since Axis2 is a popular and very useful Web service engine , having support for all of those make the framework more and more useful. To address that Axis2 has various plug point , recently I wrote a blog about custom deployer as a way of extending Axis2.

Using the custom deployer approach in WSO2 , we have build a very useful and user-friendly data service solution. With that you can expose your data base as a Web service in very easy manner. If you want to expose your data base as a Web service , then you can do that just adding a very simple configuration file [read more about the configuration file]. WSO2 WSAS (Web services Application Server) has support for data service deployment and configuration , however the new data service solution going to have a number of improvements as well as number of new features which you can not find in the WSAS.

Few weeks back I even wrote a article explaining a way of exposing your data base as a Web service , but the WSO2 Data service solution is much better and much more easier than that.

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sumedha said...

Few more facts on WSO2 Data Services...

Simply it allows you to expose objects(tables,functions,stored procedures,views) in RDBMS as web service operations.Support for data sources is not limited to RDBMS. Microsoft Excel spread sheets & CSV files are also supported. Support for few more data source types will appear down the line....

Accessing services is not limited to SOAP. Latest release shipped with WSAS(v2.3) supports exposing your datasources as REST resources too.

Another interesting feature being considered is accessing Excel Sheets & CSV files via JDBC.

Interested in learning more..? Additional details can be found in Data Services HOWTOs page(