Sunday, July 06, 2008

Axis2 based open source Application server – WSO2 WSAS

There are different types of application severs , not only that when we say Application server , then the default meaning is J2EE application server. Then how about Apache Tomcat ? , well we all tell it is also an application server. Then what is WSO2 WSAS , is it an application sever , yes which is also an application sever , however the difference is rather than deploying generic applications (web applications) , it allows us to deploy a particular type of application. Which is web services.

WSAS stands for Web Services Application Server , as I mentioned earlier which is a sever where we can deploy Web service. I know Axis2 is very flexible and easy to use Web services framework. Not like Axis1 , getting stuff done with Axis2 is very easy as well. If we want Reliable messaging , then its just a matter of coping Sandesha mar and deploy that , same for the security as well. You do not need to have any global configurations.

Then why do we need WSO2 WSAS ?

The answer to that questions is very simple , if you download Axis2 then you only get Axis2 or Web service support. Then how about if you want to enable security of reliability , then you have to download those libraries and configure. When it comes to WSAS , it has done all those for you. Not only that it provides a very nice UI to configure one of the very difficult and complex part in Web services , which is WS-Policy.

If we look at the features of WSAS , we can find a number of thing , but among those there are few features which I really like as Axis2 developer.

  • Run time transport configuration – WSAS allows you to add , stop and run transport at the runtime
  • Clustering support – Which has very good support for both context replications (action associate with context hierarchy) and description management (action associates with description hierarchy such as AxisService , AxisOperation and etc ).
  • Message logging – We can easily turn of turn on the message logging and see what are the message going here and there. This is really cool and handy for the transports other than HTTP.
  • Code generation with maven build file – I found this is really cool , because when we give the WSDL it generates the code , compile that and generate a maven file. So that I can just run that and get the job done.
  • Data service support – With WSAS we can easily expose a database as a Web service

Well there are many more features that you might find useful for you. If you are an Axis2 user try with WSAS as well , that might help you to reduce some of the work you do with Axis2.

WSO2 WSAS became Products of the Year 2007

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