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Beauty and power of JavaScript – WSO2 Mashup server

WSO2 Mashup server is a web services application server which has tuned to deploy JavaScripts as web services. Which is also build on WSO2 WSAS (which is in fact built on Apache Axis2). In addition to the WSAS , Mashup sever also uses WSO2 Registry.

With WSO2 Mashup sever we can deploy JS as Web services , as well as invoke any service from JS client. In addition to this it has a number of cool features as well.

WSO2 Mashup team did their 1.5 release recently , you can try that out. It is totally free and release under Apache License.


The WSO2 Mashup Server is a powerful yet simple and quick way to tailor Web-based information to the personal needs of individuals and organizations. It has been
released under the Apache Software License 2.0.

This release can be downloaded from

WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5 - Release Note - 21st July 2008
"Create, deploy, and consume Web services Mashups in the simplest fashion"

The WSO2 Mashup Server is a powerful yet simple and quick way to tailor
Web-based information to the personal needs of individuals and organizations.
It is a platform for acquiring data from a variety of sources including
Web Services, HTML pages, feeds and data sources, and process and combine it
with other data using JavaScript with E4X XML extensions. The result is then
exposed as a new Web service with rich metadata and artifacts to simplify the
creation of rich user interfaces.

The WSO2 Mashup Server will form the backbone of a become an ecosystem of
community-developed services that will broaden the palette of capabilities
for mashups and distributed applications.

WSO2 Mashup Server is released under the Apache License v2.0

Check out the project home page at for
additional information.

Features List
* Hosting of mashup services written using JavaScript with E4X XML
- Simple file based deployment model
* JavaScript annotations to configure the deployed services
* Auto generation of metadata and runtime resources for the deployed
- JavaScript stubs that simplify client access to the mashup service
- TryIt functionality to invoke the mashup service through a web
- WSDL 1.1/WSDL 2.0/XSD documents to describe the mashup service
- API documentation
* Ability to bundle a custom user interface for the mashups
* Many useful Javascript Host objects that can be used when writing mashups
- WSRequest: invoke Web services from mashup services
- File: File storage/manipulation functionality
- System: Set of system specific utility functions
- Session: Ability to share objects across different service
- Scraper: Extract data from HTML pages and present in XML format
- APPClient: Atom Publishing Protocol client to retrieve/publish Atom
feeds with APP servers
- Feed: A generic set of host objects to transparently read and
create Atom
and RSS feeds
- Request: Ability get information regarding a request received
* Support for recurring and longer-running tasks
* Support for service lifecycles
* Ability to secure hosted mashups using a set of commonly used security
* Management console to easily manage the mashups
* Simple sharing of deployed mashups with other WSO2 Mashup Servers
* Mashup sharing community portal ( to share and host

New In This Release
* Request object
* Ability to secure hosted mashups using a set of commonly used security
* Ability to call secured services using the WSRequest host object
* Integrated Data Services Support (expose data locked up in DataBases,
Excel spreadsheets and
CSV files with ease)
* OpenID login support
* Apache Shindig powered, Google compatible, per-user Dashboard and
browser based editor support
for developing gadgets for hosted mashups (

Known Issues
* Management Console was tested only on IE 6/7 & Firefox 1.5/2.0/3.0.
* Inter-service dependencies using the dynamically generated stubs may
deployment time errors. Workaround would be to save a local copy of the
in to the dependent service.
* JSON support lacks try-it support
* Mashup editor will convert < and > characters to <> while
saving the code in the
server. This might result in malformed xml. Using these special
characters with caution is adviced.
* Built-in samples cannot be secured - the built-in "sample" user does
not have a keystore associated with it
(system services use the keystore of the primary account.)

Future Directions
* Improved tooling support.
* An expanded toolkit of generic building-block services.
* Deep registry integration including governance, rollback, dependency
analysis, etc.
* Lots more cool stuff.

Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

Contact us

WSO2 Mashup Server developers can be contacted via mailing lists:
For Users:
For Developers:
For details on subscriptions:

Questions can also be raised in this forum:

Now wouldn't it be nice to have WS02 integrated on our web hosting service rather than going through shell. Maybe in the future this will be an option.

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