Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feel the taste of Rules with Axis2 – Rule Services

As I always tell , Axis2 architecture is so flexible , so you can do almost anything with Axis2. We have a number of extension for Axis2, such as

  • Data base extension
  • JavaScript extension
  • JRuby extension
  • Jython extension
  • Shell script extension and so on

Not stopping from there , we recently add one more extension to Axis2. Which is deploying “Rule services” in Axis2. We support most of the Rule engine , and you can configure your rule services to the rule engine you want and deploy that in Axis2 or WSO2 WSAS. As an example you can deploy Drools with this extension.

We have created a demo and hosted that in my home directory , and which has all the instruction you need to try the service. Try that and give us the feedback so that we can improve that and build complete Rule Service extension on Axis2.

Demo link : http://ww2.wso2.org/~deepal/drule/

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Tammo said...

I'm confused: Drule == Drools?