Sunday, July 13, 2008

Multiple source directories with maven2

Without any doubt I can tell that Maven and Maven2 are very powerful project management tool, specially very useful for project building.

As I remember correct in maven1 it had a way to add multiple source directories , however when I switch to maven2 , I found that it does not have support for multiple source directories by default. Recently I got the requirement of adding multiple source directories for WSO2 Registry sample module. That module has few sub directories and I do not need to treat them as module. What I wanted was to add them as source directories in the sample module. So when I do the googling I found a very cool maven pluging called “build-helper-maven-plugin” , which helps us to add multiple source directory to a single module.

Structure of the sample module is as follow;

-- handler-sample
-- filebased-sample
-- wsdl-sample
-- src
-- collection-handler-sample
-- src
-- custom-ui-sample1
-- src

So the corresponding pluging configuration is as follows


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Chathura said...

Cool, this is going to be very useful for implementing samples in WSO2 Registry.