Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Open source competition - Mule Galaxy vs WSO2 Registry

Competition is everywhere , it does not matter whether commercial or open source different people tries to compete with others. Not only in different domains , in same domain as well. If we look at in Apache there are two well know Web services frameworks (Axis2 and CXF) , and there are two Enterprises Services Buses (ESB) (Synapse and ServiceMix) . Those are just simple examples for the competition we have in same domain. As I mentioned in one my previous blog , open source is a social activity. Therefore better the quality of the product , then thats good for the end users. So in my view having competition is very good even among the open source vendors.

WSO2 released its Registry/Repository product in recently , in the mean time Mule source released their Registry/Repository product in few days back. So yesterday I download Mule galaxy and play with and went through its feature page. Then I realized that both the implementation are doing all most the same thing , almost the same manner.

So I started to write a blog yesterday doing a comparison between WSO2 registry and Mule Galaxy , unfortunately it become a too long , so rather than writing everything in my blog I wrote and publish an article. Have a look at the features of the two products and see which one suit for you.

Read more about that .


niallp said...

I notice you don't link to CXF or the Mule Galaxy 1.0 announcement

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

hehe , I did not mean that. Well as an Axis2 developer I like Axis2 , but that does not mean I do not like CXF. Same argument is valid for Mule Galaxy. If you read the article carefully , I have clearly mentioned that some of the features I like in Mule Galaxy.