Monday, July 14, 2008

Spring Web services and Axis2

As you know Axis2 is a Web service framework which has support many things. It has support for scripting languages , it has support for data services and it has support for EJB , Corba and etc. In addition that since a long time it has support for Spring as well. With that you can deploy Spring bean as Web services in Axis2. Yes I agree it is yet another way of getting the thing done. I also realized that is not enough for spring developers. They need everything works on spring.

To solve that in WSO2 we came up with a solution where we have integrated Axis2 into Spring. When doing this we have convert all the axis2 configurations files into bean descriptors , for example we came up with a set of beans for axis2.xml. With this we have integrated Axis2 smoothly into Spring. After thing anyone can easily expose a bean as a Web service. And get the power of all the other WS* support , such as security , reliability etc. , above all you can get the power of Axis2 while you are in spring container.

With this approach you can make a bean into a Web service just using following line of codes

<bean id="services" class="">
<property name="services">
<bean id="helloService" class="">
<property name="serviceBean" ref="helloworld"></property>
<property name="serviceName" value="helloWorldService"></property>

You can read more about Spring support from the following links

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RG said...

Hi there, is it possible to integrate axis-2 and spring dm (osgi)?