Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why companies are reluctant to use Open source

One thing is obvious that the future of software is nothing but open source. Time has come to the point where ability of competing with open source products is not an easy task anymore (to whom ? ) . Knowing this fact most of the well know companies are either moving to open source , making their source open , contribute to open source projects , or acquire open source companies.

If we look at the todays market it is obvious that the open source has more than enough influence in the industry as well as it has gained the recognizing , there are the people who decide the future of the industry. To get the idea more clear let's have a look at some of the well know open source projects

  • Apache Web server – no doubt which is most famous Web server
  • Apache tomcat – Application server , we all know and we all use
  • Linux and Ubuntu – World famous open source operating systems
  • Eclipse – Widely used Java IDE
  • Open office – We all use open office
  • And many more ....

I know I can name dozens of products , but which is not the idea of this post.

There was a myth saying that “do not use open source , since no support” , do you think this is true anymore ? If so you think so than you are wrong. Now we can find companies doing open source consultants , services and supports , so no need to worry about the support. In addition to that if you look at the mailing list you can see the level of supports you get. For example if you look at the Axis2 and Synapse mailing list you will realize the difference, not only on those two list most of the Apache mailing list are so active and you can get very good support.

In addition to that from one of the mailing list I saw that someone is telling that the level of support he got is much more better than the support he gets from a commercial product. This is just an example for you to understand the trend.

Yes , I agree there is a mindset that some of the people have that the open source products are not good and not in the right quality. They always want to use the products from well known companies. The reason is they only trust the projects from those companies. IMO which is also a myth , the reason I am telling this is , if we look at an open source project which has a very good community. And all most all the time that community is consisting with very well know personality in a particular area. So the out come of that is obvious. Even the quality is good and always projects meets the standards , and might intemperate with other open source projects as well as commercial projects.

When we look at the level of support , quality of the products , number of features , meets of standards , there is no single reason not to use open source. Sometime you can use some of the projects without getting any support. Because you can find very comprehensive documentations about the projects , if you have any problem you can read and understand easily. In addition to that project like Apache Web server , Apache tomcat , Apache Axis2 are matured projects and number of people use the projects is countless.

Nothing to worry , no need to reluctant about open source. Use it , help it , contribute it and benefit from that.

Future is open source !!!!

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Henri said...

"No support" was a myth from the beginning. While there is definitely a market for companies selling support - either to those who really do need it or to those who are stuck in a closed-minded world, the important word in Open Source is Open. There is a support model, but to be involved in it you have to be open.

Largely I suspect the people who most want support are the ones who have not learnt how to do that yet.