Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 fundamental differences between Linux and Windows

There is a very interesting article in Linuxtoday web site. There Jack Wallen has pointed out 10 fundamental differences between Windows and Linux operating systems. I think its worth reading the full story , though I have listed the 10 point which he discussed.
  1. Full access vs. no access
  2. Licensing freedom vs. licensing restrictions
  3. Online peer support vs. paid help-desk support
  4. Full vs. partial hardware support
  5. Command line vs. no command line
  6. Centralized vs. noncentralized application installation
  7. Flexibility vs. rigidity
  8. Fanboys vs. corporate types
  9. Automated vs. nonautomated removable media
  10. Multilayered run levels vs. a single-layered run level
Irrespective of whether I agree to above points or not , I am still a windows user [sometime I use Ubuntu too :) ]

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