Monday, August 18, 2008

All members of initial Axis2 team are now in US

It is almost four years we have started Axis2 , withing this small time period Axis2 has became the de-factor Java Web service framework. A number of large companies uses Axis2 in production , while well know universities are using Axis2 for various research purposes. Regardless of the usage of Axis2 , when we start Axis2 there were only five full time people working on the project. Which included , Srinath Perera , Eran Chinthaka , Ajith Ranabahu, Chathura Herath and myself. We all did our best to make what we were doing a great product. And now we can happy we have done something useful.

The most important thing is all of the initial people who wrote Axis2 , are now doing their graduate studies in USA. I personally consider that as a great achievement as far a project is concerned. Now Axis2 is a rich project with hundred of developers , let's wait and see how many more people from Axis2 will come to do the graduate studies.

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