Thursday, August 21, 2008

Web services class at Georgia Tech

Today I got a very valuable chance to teach a graduate class at Georgia Tech , it is interesting because I am just starting my graduate classes this fall . It was a guest lecture about Web services and Axis2. Professor Calton Pu , has to attend a conference so he requested me to do a guest lecture in his class today. I know teaching Axis2 is not such a difficult task for me , because most of the time I live with Axis2. But teaching a graduate class was bit of challenge for me , and second it made me somewhat nervous because that was the first time I did a lecture in a university. Anyway I believe I tried my best to make it simple , since the class consist of people from different areas. Teaching Web services to graduate who is doing research on Robotics or Multimedia is kind of dull job , its not there interest area.

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Brian said...

Let me know if you ever want to teach something in the GT Library--- totally open topic