Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Axis2 transports as a new project

When we start Axis2 , Axiom was part of Axis2. And then we realized that the advantage of moving Axiom into a separate project , so we moved Axiom into Ws-Common. After that a number of project started to use that. As you know Axis2 core is transport independent as well as Axis2 has number of transports support. At the moment projects like Apache Synapse are using Axis2 transport. And they do not need full Axis2 to have Axis2 transport support. So moving transport into a separate project will be benefited for many people. So last week I was able to move all the transports from Axis2 to new module in WS-Commons. And Dims helped me to setup nightly builds for the transport module.

So now if anyone interested in writing transports for Axis2 , or if you have already written any transport its time to add them to transport project.

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