Thursday, September 18, 2008

WSO2 Web Services Framework for Jython using Axis2

Adding one more scripting support to Axis2 WSO2 has announced Jython support to Axis2. So now you can deploy and access Web services using Jython. It is very cool idea. Luckily I got a chance to involve this a lot with Heshan (a student from , University of Colombo) , who did the implementation work. Actually this is my second chance to get involve with scripting support for Axis2 , first one was JRuby support which was done by Thilina (Student from University of Moratuwa.)

WSO2 WSF/Jython provides an amazingly simple approach to create (Code First) and consume Web Services in Jython. This framework integrates the Apache Axis2 web services engine into Jython. Thus, providing all the power and versatility of the
Axis2 engine to the Jython user. Now, with just a few lines of code, Jython users can enjoy the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture using Web Services in their applications.

Web Service clients written using WSF/Jython framework could invoke enterprise web services which require WS-Security. Sending binary attachments as MTOM is also supported.

WSO2 WSF/Jython is released under the Apache License v2.0.

There are two packages that comes with this release, the server side and the client side.

For more information, please visit our project home page,

You can download this release from:

Client Side Features (Explained in detail here)

* Support for invoking Web Services in a simple clean manner

* Ability to use WS-Addressing when invoking services

* Ability to invoke services which require WS-Security

* Ability to send binary attachments using MTOM

Server side Features (Explained in detail here)

* Support for exposing services written in Jython

* DataBinding support using a simple annotation mechanism

* Automated WSDL generation

* Ability to expose all enterprise features of Axis2 to services written in Jython

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