Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good lesson not to trust electronic equipment

Today something interesting thing happened to me. I had to drop one of my friend into his place. Actually he bought a new car recently and I had to help him to learn how to drive and then drop him to where he live. So we got the printout of the direction, however some other friend of mine gave me a GPS navigator. So I thought that is easier than reading printout and go.

So I put the destination on the GPS navigator and asked to select the root skipping highways. So it did a good job and directed me how to go. So I was driving for a while , may be about 15-18 miles, I took few left and right turn. So now I have no idea where am I , and actually I do not need to know. Because GPS can help me to go there. Unfortunately when I was driving I suddenly realized that the GPS does not work !!!! , I got STUCK

So now I am in a big trouble I have no idea where I am , and I do not have a city map as well. So I took few roots to see whether I find any of the familiar road, unfortunately I did not find any. So I decided to go to a gas station and ask about that. So I went there and ask the person about the location I need to go , he said no he do not know. Then I asked him whether he knows how to get in to Georgia Tech , then he said yes. So luckily he told me the to take the high way , but he said that he is not sure about the exist. So I took the highway and went about few miles, oh I found an exist which I know !!!

So it was a good lesson for me ,I should not always trust the electronic items , we need to have something ready when we faces some unexpected situation like this.


Lahiru Sandakith said...

Will Smith in iRobot has the same thinking bro .. :D If you watched the film.. Not to trust anything aint alive..

Aj said...

Well, I have a similar experience. We(myself and one of my friends) went to Springfield OH once and on the way back the GPS failed (later I found it is a buggy software update and was able to fix it.). We had to use our intuition to find the way back [I had a vague idea of where I was].
In any case the GPS has proved to be very useful and has saved me more than once. However I make it a point to look at the map overview so that I have a idea of the area I am going