Sunday, November 09, 2008

Microsoft movement to Apache with Axis2

One of the main enemy for most of the open source companies is nothing but Microsoft , so being an open source foundation Apache has the same thing. I know Apache does not compete with someone , but developers had that thing in their mind.

ApacheCon US 2008 was one of the history making event in software field , thats is due to two reason. First Microsoft sponsored first ever ApacheCon , second they publicly announce their movement to Apache. I was listening to key note speak done by Sam Ramji (from Microsoft) , it was one of the best keynote I have ever attend. He openly mentioned some of the wrong impressions that MS people have about Apache , one classic example is when he decided to sponsor ApacheCon he has received a number of emails saying “Why do you sponsor for IIS competitor” , that is mainly because people think Apache as Apache Web server. They do not know Apache consists of a number of other projects , in fact 62 top level projects.

It is interesting to see that Microsoft some to Apache specially with a project that I have contributed a lot , which is Axis2. Microsoft and WSO2 were doing a number of interop over the last few months , and even there was a live interop at the last .Net camp. Which was an interop solution for stock trader application which communicate with Java , .Net and PHP. That particular application is now going to start as a incubator project in Apache called “Stonehenge”. That is the start of Microsoft contribution to open source via Apache.

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