Wednesday, December 31, 2008

History repeat itself – Cloud computing

When we look at the history of computers in early days having a computer is not a common thing, only the people and companies who had millions of dollars were able to own a computer. And it is true that, it started as a central based computing with time sharing. So if we want to get a computer job done then we had to go to the operator and submit our job and pay the cost. Gradually technology evolved and owning a personal computer became a common thing. Almost everyone has access to a personal computer now.

So Mainframe based computing had evolved to distributed computing, simply we can do almost anything with our personal computers, and they are more than 1000 times better than early days computers. But I think we are going back to the central based model of computing again, the reason behind my argument is cloud computing.

With cloud computing all the resources in a central place (there will be number of centers), and someone will be responsible for managing all the hardware and provide that as a service HaaS. And will manage software for us and provide Software as a service SaaS. So what we do is use those services and pay the cost based on the time we used. It is like taking a taxi, we do not need to worry about anything like, maintains, parking etc.. . So I consider cloud computing as something almost similar to those old days central based computing, in fact in large scale.

Happy new year 2009

Another year, another chance
To start our lives anew;
This time we’ll leap old barriers
To have a real breakthrough.

We’ll take one little step
And then we’ll take one more,
Our unlimited potential
We’ll totally explore.

We’ll show off all our talents
Everyone will be inspired;

We’ll give up all bad habits;
We’ll read and learn a lot,
All our goals will be accomplished,
Sigh...or maybe not.

Wish You A Happy New Year !!

Curtsy : Joanna Fuchs

Monday, December 29, 2008

Prison Break and our life

I do not watch that much of TV series, but due to some reason I stated to watch prison break. It was one of a kind. The main reason I like it is, specially in season1 and season2 it was all about master planing. There they have looked into every possible outcome and planed according to that. I think that is something very useful in day to day life. And I strongly believe we can not succeed without having a long term goal. If we have a goal then we can and we will find a way to accomplish that. So we need to think what we need to do after 5 years, after 10 years and etc.. , and then we should plan accordingly. That is exactly what happed in PB season1 and 2, however in season3 and 4 they have forgotten that, there it is just day to day goal and the story moving here and there. However it is still interesting to watch.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The transformation of Animal into Food

Most of us eat and enjoy animal meat, but did you ever think how do they make or transform animal into food. Killing any kind of animal is not a good thing and we all know that. But killing animal like that(as shown in the video) is not acceptable any means.

“Life on the farm isn't what it used to be. The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes portrayed in children's books have been replaced by windowless sheds, tiny crates, wire cages, and other confinement systems integral to what is now known as "factory farming." “

Watch the following video if and only if you are serious about that you are going to stop eating meats. Think twice before watching the video.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Axis2 Information Model

In Axis2 there are two main types of data, which static data and dynamic data. Static data coming from the various description file, whereas dynamic data is created at the runtime. I recently wrote an article explaining the available types of static data, that will help you to get some understanding about various static data types, as well as when and how they are going to be created.

Read the full article.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Servlet API and available ports of the application server

Servlets are something we heavily used in Application server environment. And it provide accessing most of the information we need about the application sever and the context. However it does not provide a way to get the type of ports that is being exposed. For example a servlet may be exposed in HTTP (8080) and HTTPS (8443), then it would be able to get those port information from the servlet API. All those informations are available at the application server, so why not servlet API expose those information.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Improvement to Google Maps

Google Maps is very cool and very useful, sometime it is very difficult to go one location to another without having support for Maps like Google. But I think Google need to add one improvements to the Map. That is it should be able to track the current location from the IP and then open the Map. Other wise whenever we go to somewhere we need to find the address and search that in Google.

This can be easily done in all the cases, for example if I search maps using my computer then it can get the IP and from the IP it can probably get the location. So it should be able to find at least very close estimate. Second if we browse from a mobile then it should be able to track the location using the GPS coordinates. So any case it should be able to track my current location.