Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Improvement to Google Maps

Google Maps is very cool and very useful, sometime it is very difficult to go one location to another without having support for Maps like Google. But I think Google need to add one improvements to the Map. That is it should be able to track the current location from the IP and then open the Map. Other wise whenever we go to somewhere we need to find the address and search that in Google.

This can be easily done in all the cases, for example if I search maps using my computer then it can get the IP and from the IP it can probably get the location. So it should be able to find at least very close estimate. Second if we browse from a mobile then it should be able to track the location using the GPS coordinates. So any case it should be able to track my current location.


Gregor J. Rothfuss said...

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Thank you for the link, and I did not know about that before. So only remaining thing is IP based tracking. :)

Jerm said...

Funny you should say that.
I was travelling on the train up the East coast of the UK recently. To my pleasure I found the train had free WIFI. Having connected my iPhone, I went to Google Reader.

Hmmmm, geo-location via IP address does not always work, Google Reader presented itself in Swedish :-)

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Hehe, I am sorry I was not referring to such scenarios I mean find the directions while you are in the train. :)

How about getting the directions when you reach the train station?

I know getting exact location based on IP is not easy, but not impossible to get the closer location.

What I was referring in my blogs was, think about the situation when you are traveling a lot you have to go to different different locations. Then if you want to get the directions from those places, it become hard unless you know the address. If not you have to either go into its web site or find the address using some other mechanism. But if google can find the location based on IP, then the amount of work we have to do become less.