Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting SPEC Benchmark working on WebSphere

Currently I am in the process of getting SPEC benchmark working on few application servers , first got that working in Jboss , and the documentation they have provided is very useful. Then I started to work on WebSphere (with MySQL) but I still could not able to get that working. So if anyone has got the specjAppServer2004 working on WebSphere , please share those configurations with me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Singularity: Microsoft's Open Source Operating System

I did not know something like this before though the OS is around since 2003.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Microsoft’s new "M" programming language

Microsoft has recently introduce a new language called "M" , at the last ApacheCon bar camp Paul did a talk on that and I found very interesting. As I learn from Paul , it help you to build new language very easily and you can see the syntax tree while you building the language. I still did not get time to have a look at that , but I am planing to do that soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Petri Net Approach to Analysis and Composition of Web Services

My friend Xiong Pengcheng recently publish his research work on Web service transactional journal , the paper is more about Web service composition and BPEL . Abstract of the paper as

Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL) is becoming the industrial standard for modeling web service based business processes. The check of behavioral compatibility for web service composition is one of the most important topics. The commonly used reachability exploration method focuses on verifying deadlock-freeness. When this property is violated, the states and traces in the reachability graph only give clues to re-design the composition. The process must then repeat itself until no deadlock is found. In this paper, multiple web services interaction is modeled with a Petri net called Composition net (C-net for short). The problem of behavioral compatibility among web services is hence transformed into the deadlock structure problem of a C-net. If there exist incompatibility cases, a policy based on appending additional information channels is proposed. It is proved that the policy can offer a good solution as well as be mapped back into the original BPEL models automatically.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Microsoft movement to Apache with Axis2

One of the main enemy for most of the open source companies is nothing but Microsoft , so being an open source foundation Apache has the same thing. I know Apache does not compete with someone , but developers had that thing in their mind.

ApacheCon US 2008 was one of the history making event in software field , thats is due to two reason. First Microsoft sponsored first ever ApacheCon , second they publicly announce their movement to Apache. I was listening to key note speak done by Sam Ramji (from Microsoft) , it was one of the best keynote I have ever attend. He openly mentioned some of the wrong impressions that MS people have about Apache , one classic example is when he decided to sponsor ApacheCon he has received a number of emails saying “Why do you sponsor for IIS competitor” , that is mainly because people think Apache as Apache Web server. They do not know Apache consists of a number of other projects , in fact 62 top level projects.

It is interesting to see that Microsoft some to Apache specially with a project that I have contributed a lot , which is Axis2. Microsoft and WSO2 were doing a number of interop over the last few months , and even there was a live interop at the last .Net camp. Which was an interop solution for stock trader application which communicate with Java , .Net and PHP. That particular application is now going to start as a incubator project in Apache called “Stonehenge”. That is the start of Microsoft contribution to open source via Apache.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

How does it works ? Car system Explained

If you have a car and if you want to learn how things are working then following link would be helpful , it explains some of the stuff in very simple manner.