Monday, January 05, 2009

Autonomic Computing

While I was reading about cloud computing I encounter the term “Autonomic computing”, then I found that it has a direct relationship with the cloud computing. First let's look at what it mean by Autonomic computing. Autonomic computing refers to the self-managing characteristics of distributed computing resources, adapting to unpredictable changes whilst hiding intrinsic complexity to operators and users. As name implies an autonomic system makes decisions on its own, using high-level policies such as service level agreement; it will constantly check and optimize its status and automatically adapt itself to changing conditions.

Nice thing here is that though it said to be self manage it does not have any Artificial Intelligent (AI) involve with it, it is just control theory. Having said that Autonomic computing can be modeled in terms of two main control loops (local and global) with sensors (for self-monitoring), effectors (for self-adjustment), knowledge and planer/adapter for exploiting policies based on self- and environment awareness.

Typical Autonomic Computing system will contains following characteristics,
  • Self-Configuration: Automatic configuration of components;
  • Self-Healing: Automatic discovery, and correction of faults;
  • Self-Optimization: Automatic monitoring and control of resources to ensure the optimal functioning with respect to the defined requirements;
  • Self-Protection: Proactive identification and protection from arbitrary attacks.


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I came across your post on Autonomic Computing.

How about socially interactive computing?

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Actually good post!
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I'm also write a blog post which consist lot of details about Autonomic Computing.

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Autonomic Computing