Friday, January 09, 2009

Fun with Google Maps

We all know Google Maps is very powerful and useful tool, in the meantime no magic it is a software, and idea of this post is not to tell anything bad about Google Maps. Today I wanted to get directions to some place, after completing that just for fun I searched direction from Mountain View, LA, USA to Japan interestingly Google was able to give me the driving direction from MV to Japan, we know it is not possible to drive from USA to Japan, however due to some incorrect logic (bug) it gave me the directions :) . I know how hard to test all the use cases, so it is ok to have this kind of bugs in a software, it is tradeoff between usage and the perfrormance (being a software guy I know how hard to test all the edge cases). I know what I did was a crazy (who is going to drive from USA to Japan) thing too, ... but it was fun. Want to look at full directions ? see here


Jonathan Mueller said...

It tells you to kayak across the ocean.

Nabeel Yoosuf said...

not a bug I guess..I remember that earlier Google used to say "swim across ocean"..they seem to have corrected that.