Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cloud Computing infrastructure using Axis2

Utility computing or the cloud computing is becoming the next generating computing platform, which reduces the time and cost. So when we want the resource we go and rent depending on the time we want and depending on the money we have. According to my understanding Amazon EC2 plays a big role in Cloud computing, and of course they use Web Services for almost everything.

Apart from commercial cloud infrastructure, there is on good open source cloud infrastructure as well, which is called EUCALYPTUS (a research project). I knew about this for a few months, but I did not know that they use Axis2 as the Web Service framework until today (Thanks Deep for letting me know that). One of the cool thing about EUCALYPTUS is that is functionally equal to Amazon EC2. So if you want to do the testing on your system before you move into Amazon EC2, then I think this is a good way of doing that.

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Eran Chinthaka said...


Eucalyptus project uses both Axis2/Java and Axis2/C project. They also use Rampart for ws-security stuff. I was very happy to see Rich Wolski, director of that project, endorsing Axis2 project during his keynote in eScience 2008.

I think recommending Eucalyptus might not be the best to anyone who wants to get cloud experience, with minimal trouble. At least for the time being they have limited resources and you have to manually get approval to use it.
For some one to take a quick look at and experience cloud, I think Amazon EC2 is not that expensive. Also Eucalyptus still doesn't have a counterpart for S3 and EBS but they will do it soon.

From scientific research point-of-view, it doesn't matter which one we use. Eucalyptus uses same Amazon APIs so we should be able to do a Turing test for Eucalyptus and EC2 infrastructures, at least theoretically. But Eucalyptus will provider (at least i hope) more instrumentation than Amazon for obvious reasons.
For your information, I implemented clients to talk to Amazon EC2 and S3 API. Azeez had already done an EC2 implementation using Axis2, and I improved it and also implemented S3 to better support my scenarios. As you know the clients Amazon is distributing are based on XFire. But I believe using Axis2 clients will provide more flexibility and performance at least from the scientific point-of-view.