Sunday, June 07, 2009

Axis2 tutorials and articles

I have written a number of articles on Axis2, and those covers various topics on Axis2. However sometimes it is hard to find what you want, so I compiled a list of articles and categorized them in somewhat organized manner. I believe that will help to find the document you want with minimum time. And I will keep on updating this list, so that you can find all Axis2 articles in one place.

Axis2 Architecture
Axis2 Deployment
Axis2 Services
Axis2 MessageReceivers
Axis2 Handlers
Axis2 Transport
Axis2 Session
Axis2 Client
Axis2 Configurations
Axis2 General
Apache Axiom
Quickstart Apache Axis2


Deepal Jayasinghe said...

forgot to add this

muratt said...

Thank u, good works!

LA_F said...

very nice !! ..

Nadeeka Samarasekara said...

Good job! Proud of u..

lamit said...

I have one question:
How could I destroy transport session in axis2 ?


Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Axis2 transport sessions are managed via cookies, so when you send a different cookie you will be assigned a new session.

Existing sessions get clean when the background process runs.