Friday, July 03, 2009

Who is master in Math and why?

One of my colleague explained me a very nice story he learned by reading the book called “Outliers”. According that book, it says Asian are some what smarter when it come to mathematics. And there is a nice story behind that too, that is the number system they used. For example in English we start with, one, two three.... , ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and etc... , if you think carefully. In English language though you pronounce as thirteen fourteen you write them differently. As en example when we call thirteen, it gave impression that the number is going to start with three, in fact it does not.

So, according the book this complexity make some issues in the childhood.

After listening to my friend I thought though this, then I found even in my own language (Sinhalese) we have some confusion. For example in Sinhalese when it come to 15 we pronounce is differently than other numbers, simply we break the sequence. From eleven to twenty we have a right sequence, the way we write and read is same except number 15.

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