Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy birthday Axis2 !!!

Five years ago, that is in 21 August 2004, we started Apache Axis2 project. Withing this small period Axis2 has become the most commonly used open source Web Service framework. And number of companies out there using Axis2 for their SOA applications. Withing this small period Axis2 has opened a number of opportunities, which includes new companies, various graduate opportunities and ect..

Why 21 st of August is important ? Well that is because that is the date we had the first face2face meeting on Axis2.

Let's look back some of the history of Axis2 project.

This is the First email that Srinath sent to the list announcing Axis2 F2F

These are the first set of people who come to the Axis2 F2F.

This is the summary mail of the first F2F

Initial developers of the project
Srinath, Ajith, Chinthaka, Chathura, Glen, Dims, Sanjiva and myself. And of course Jaliya and Dasarath also contributed a lot.

At the initial stage of Axis2 we used to have weekly chat, what special about those chat is we(initial developers) implement a prototype and discuss about that at the weekly chat. The funny thing is all most all the days, we have to throw that prototype and start a new one after the chat.
Here is the chat log of the first weekly chat.

From the day one of the project we used to follow the Apache guidelines, so we create patch and send them to the list. Then existing commiters can apply them, most of the time Alex and Dims used to apply those patches.

Here is the very first patch of the project.

When we start the project we did not have any commiter for Axis2 project, we had WS commiters. So following are the initial commiters of Axis2 project and here is the commiiter nomination email.

[VOTE][Axis2]Ajith, Deepal and Chinthaka for Axis2 Commiter

At the initial stage of the project we had so many milestone release before we hit 0.94 release. Here is the announcement email for first release of Axis2.
Axis2 first release – Axis2 M1

First few F2F
  • First F2F 21-24 August 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka. And here is the first set of people who came to the event
  • Second F2F March 29-31st 2005 – Comobo, Sri Lanka
  • Third F2F and hackathon – December, 2005, San Diago, USA
  • Fourth F2F and hackathon - Indiana University, Bloomington

And here is my first email to Axis2 mailing list

My first mail to the list


Dhanush Gopinath said...

Happy Birthday Axis2!!!

This is really a milestone. I used Axis way back in 2003 and still remember how I came up with a article for attachment handling in Axis 1.1

Today Axis 2 is much refined and I am back to it :)

Wishing you all the best

Willi said...

Happy Birthday Axis2 and thx to all the developers!

I've seen you are a developer of axis2. Since 2009 there have no new releases been posted. Is axis2 dead or is development taken over by wso2?

Deepal Jayasinghe said...

Hi Willi,

Axis2 is still an active project and we are planing to do a release soon. We have already started the process.