Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scam from yahoo messenger

I have been using Yahoo messenger more than 9 years, but did not have bad experience with that. However now I am starting to get a number of scam from Yahoo messenger. One thing I noticed is that all the scam I got when the person who is sending is off-line. So I do not know whether I am also sending those kind of message, if I have done : Please forgive me . I do not receive those scam from all the people in my contact list, but from only few. One of the common message I get

“Wow I finally found a way to lose weight and is inexpensive ...”

I think yahoo should take some action to stop this kind of scam, if the current security mechanisms are not enough to stop those scams, then they need to find an alternative to stop. The main reason is Yahoo is one of the most commonly use IM.