Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Installing IIS server without Windows CD

I use Apache Web server for all my experiments; however, due to a specific reason I had to use ASP/.NET windows web hosting for one of my project. To test the application I wanted to start IIS, and then I found I cannot install IIS without having a CD. Unfortunately, I wanted to deploy the application on a remote machine which does not have a CD driver. After searching, I found following as an alternative to solve the issues.

First download the archive file: Download
Then extract it.

Go to:
Control Panel
Add/Remove programs
Add Windows components
And then pick IIS.

It will ask to insert the CD, press OK. Next, browse to the location where you extract the downloaded file. Installer asks few times to insert the CD, every time point it to the extracted location.


kamote said...

thanks for the post this worked for me

lukalev said...

The only solution of this kind that really worked for me! Thanks!

lukalev said...

The only solution of this kind that worked for me! thanks a lot!

Prachi said...

Isn't working for me.
It is saying that setup cannot find the copy aqueue.dll