Monday, July 26, 2010

Social networking and our lives

Recent analysis revealed the popularity of social networks, which become much obvious when you watch movies, television or even when you listen to radio. Most application and products try to use Social networks as a way of reaching the people, either they would say meet them on social networks or they might say they have first class support for social networks (e.g., mobile phones). Whether it is good or bad, social networking has become a major part of our lives, everyone tries to share their day to day activities on social networks in addition sharing photos and videos is also an interesting habit. Few years back I used to receive so many emails from my friends about various funny things, now I hardly receive emails on funny stuffs, now the trend is different and everyone uses social network for sharing the funny and entertaining things. Which I think drastically reduces the storage requirements; with the traditional emails we all duplicate the data (if we were to download the emails) now the data stay in one location.

Facebook seems to be doing a very impressive job with the social networks and they define what social network is, they constantly introduce new features and make it part of social networking. A lot of companies including Google try to come to social networking, but most did not succeed. As Google does not have any completion for search, emails, youtube and maps from anyone else, Facebook and twitter are leading the social networking. Due to popularity of the Facebook it has diverse set of user community and which has become a very good advertisement media for them, in fact that is something Google needs to be aware of.