Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet another success story of Apache Axis2

Axis2 is one of the very successful Apache projects in many different ways; however I am not going to discuss the quality of the project of customers who use the project, rather a totally different area of its success.

Axis2 was started with six core members (all from Sri Lanka) and later joined many members to the project. The most interesting and notable thing about Axis2 is all the initial members entered graduated school and four of them have already become PhD holders (Srinath, Jaliya, Chinthaka and Chathura). Not stropping from that second, third, and forth (may be fifth) generations of contributors have entered graduate school and are now in the pipeline to complete their Ph.D.'s in the next few years (at least 12).

Counting all, in the history of Apache software foundation Axis2 will be the first project to produce so many PhD holders. I think this is a huge success of the project, and many credits should go to Sanjiva for motivating all of them to select the correct path.